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SpringerOpen, BioMed Central and Chemistry Central are committed to providing immediate and free access to all the research they publish. To meet the cost of publishing, authors who publish with us are asked to pay an open access fee or article-processing charge (APC) per published paper or book. To remove this burden from the individual authors, institutions can join our Open Access Membership Program.

The Membership Program with currently over 450 Members worldwide enables academic and research institutions, societies, groups, funders and corporations to actively support open access in scholarly publishing, and help ensure the most widespread dissemination of the work published by their researchers or members. Depending on the type of Membership, Member institutions cover some or all of the publication cost for their individual researchers when they submit to a SpringerOpen, BioMed Central or Chemistry Central journal.

Now including books

SpringerOpen books are also included in our Open Access Membership Program. Authors at Member institutions are entitled to a 15% loyalty discount on the publication fee, regardless of the type of Membership.

Benefits of Membership

  • Time saving and convenient – removes the administrative burden from institutions.
  • Cost-effective - pricing plans to fit individual requirements and budgets.
  • Increased exposure for an organization - Members receive their own customized webpage.

Together with BioMed Central we offer three different types of Membership. View each Membership option below to learn more.

  • Prepay Membership
    Enables an institution to cover the whole cost of publishing with no additional fees paid by their authors. Discounts apply.

  • Shared Support Membership
    The cost of publishing is split between the institution and author. Discounts apply.

  • Supporter Membership
    Members pay a flat rate annual Membership fee based on the number of science and medical researchers and graduate students at their institution. A 15% discount on the article-processing charge (APC) is given when publishing in the journals.

If you are a researcher and your institution, company or society became a Member you would have the opportunity to publish in a SpringerOpen, BioMed Central or Chemistry Central journal at a discounted rate, and you would be entitled to a 15% discount when you decide to publish a SpringerOpen book. Complete our recommendation form to show your support and suggest Open Access Membership for your organization.

Note: SpringerOpen, BioMed Central and Chemistry Central journals publish supplements by special arrangement. Standard article-processing charges and Membership payments or discounts do not apply for supplements. Authors from Members institutions should note that their institution will not be expected to cover publication fees for supplement articles. For further information please contact us.

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