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Applied Network Science

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We are delighted that our open access journal, Applied Network Science, recently reached its first anniversary. We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished in just the past year, and we wanted to share this with you. We selected the articles displayed below to show you what we feel is the breadth, quality, and depth of our journal.

About the journal

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Hocine Cherifi
Ronaldo Menezes


Encompasses all established and emerging fields that have been or can be shown to benefit from quantitative network-based modeling. Contributions from all fields of science, technology, medicine and humanities will be considered, in particular from newly emerging research areas formed and developing at the interfaces of presently established sub-disciplines.

The focus of the journal is based on novel or anticipated applications of network sciences, on related techniques that may be used in applications of complex network methodologies, and on innovative modeling approaches that will enhance specific applications and lead to more widespread use of network science concepts. Overall, articles that have a direct application to real world problems form the core publications of this journal.