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Open access in physics from Springer Nature

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Visit booths 110-116 at the APS March Meeting and learn about open access in physics from Springer Nature

Springer Nature publishes one of the most extensive open access portfolios in physics. From Nanoscale Research Letters to our Nature partner journals, and to our broad journals like Nature Communications and Scientific Reports, Springer Nature leads in open access physics. 

We’ll be on hand to answer your questions about open access and about all of our journals (and open access books, too.) 

Meet the editors

Also, editors from Scientific Reports, Nature Communications, and the Nature Partner Journals will be at the booth. If you’ve got questions, come by and get the answers. 

  • Richard White—Managing Editor, Scientific Reports: Wed: 11am-1pm; 4pm-5pm | Thurs: 11am-1pm

  • Wei Fan—Associate Editor, Nature Communications: Tue: 2pm-3pm | Wed: 3pm-4pm| Thurs: 2pm-3pm

  • Warren Lin—Managing Editor, Nature Partner Journals: Tue: 11am-12noon

Article highlights

Selected articles

New Content ItemApplication of nanotechnology to cancer radiotherapy
...Materials on the nanoscale provide many unique properties such as enhanced permeability and retention effect and superparamagnetism that are well suited for applications in radiation oncology. In this review, we will provide a comprehensive summary on how nanotechnology can improve cancer radiotherapy in aspects of treatment delivery and monitoring as well as diagnosis.

Yu Mi, Zhiying Shao, Johnny Vang, Orit Kaidar-Person and Andrew Z. Wang

Cancer Nanotechnology

Article accesses: +700

New Content ItemNew Updates Pertaining to Drug Delivery of Local Anesthetics in Particular Bupivacaine Using Lipid Nanoparticles

Lipid nanoparticles (liposomes) were first described in 1965, and several work have led to development of important technical advances like triggered release liposomes and drug-loaded liposomes. These advances have led to numerous clinical trials in such diverse areas such as the delivery of anti-cancer, antifungal, and antibiotic drugs; the delivery of gene medicines; and most importantly the delivery of anesthesia drugs. Quite a number of liposomes are on the market, and many more are still in developmental stage...

Siavash Beiranvand, Ali Eatemadi and Arash Karimi

Nanoscale Research Letters

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Altmetric score: 1 (18 Mendeley, 1 tweet)
Citations: 16
Article accesses: 

New Content ItemCharacterization and anticancer potential of ferulic acid-loaded chitosan nanoparticles against ME-180 human cervical cancer cell lines

...Non-toxic chitosan-tripolyphosphate pentasodium (CS-TPP) nanoparticles (NPs) are used to load sparingly soluble molecules and drugs, increasing their bioavailability. In the present work, we have encapsulated FA into the CS-TPP NPs to increase its potential as a therapeutic agent. Different concentrations of FA were tested to obtain optimum sized FA-loaded CS-TPP nanoparticles (FA/CS-TPP NPs) by ionic gelation method...

Richa Panwar, Asvene K. Sharma, Mandeep Kaloti, Dharm Dutt, Vikas Pruthi

Applied Nanoscience

Article access: +1,200
Citations: 2

Materials science

New Content ItemExciton Binding Energy of Monolayer WS2

...Here we report an experimental approach to measuring the exciton binding energy of monolayer WS2 with linear differential transmission spectroscopy and two-photon photoluminescence excitation spectroscopy (TP-PLE)...

Bairen Zhu, Xi Chen and Xiaodong Cui

Scientific Reports

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Altmetric score: 3 (189 Mendeley, 5 tweets)
Article accesses: +8,400
New Content ItemSurface energies of elemental crystals
...This database contains the surface energies of more than 100 polymorphs of about 70 elements, up to a maximum Miller index of two and three for non-cubic and cubic crystals, respectively...

Richard Tran, Zihan Xu, Balachandran Radhakrishnan, Donald Winston, Wenhao Sun, Kristin A. Persson & Shyue Ping Ong

Scientific Data

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Altmetric score: 98 (12 news stories, 1 blog, 24 Mendeley, 9 tweets)
Article accesses: about 2,200
Citations: 1
New Content ItemMachine learning as a tool for classifying electron tomographic reconstructions

Electron tomographic reconstructions often contain artifacts from sources such as noise in the projections and a “missing wedge” of projection angles which can hamper quantitative analysis. We present a machine-learning approach using freely available software for analyzing imperfect reconstructions to be used in place of the more traditional thresholding based on grey-level technique and show that a properly trained image classifier can achieve manual levels of accuracy even on heavily artifacted data, though if multiple reconstructions are being processed, a separate classifier will need to be trained on each reconstruction for maximum accuracy.

Lech Staniewicz and Paul A. Midgley

Advanced Structural and Chemical Imaging

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Almetric score: 6 (1 blog, 6 Mendeley)
Article accesses: +2,000

New Content ItemColloidal lead halide perovskite nanocrystals: synthesis, optical properties and applications

...We review recent developments in the direct synthesis and ion exchange-based reactions, leading to hybrid organic–inorganic (CH3NH3PbX3) and all-inorganic (CsPbX3) lead halide (X=Cl, Br, I) perovskite NCs, and consider their optical properties related to quantum confinement effects, single emission spectroscopy and lasing...

He Huang, Lakshminarayana Polavarapu, Jasmina A Sichert, Andrei S Susha, Alexander S Urban and Andrey L Rogach

NPG Asia Materials

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Altmetric score: 2 (43 Mendeley users
2 tweets

New Content ItemGrowth of InxGa1−xSb alloy semiconductor at the International Space Station (ISS) and comparison with terrestrial experiments

InxGa1−xSb is an important material that has tunable properties in the infrared (IR) region and is suitable for IR-device applications. Since the quality of crystals relies on growth conditions, the growth process of alloy semiconductors can be examined better under microgravity (μG) conditions where convection is suppressed.

Y Inatomi, K Sakata, M Arivanandhan, G Rajesh, V Nirmal Kumar, T Koyama, Y Momose, T Ozawa, Y Okano & Y Hayakawa

npj Microgravity
New Content Item
Altmetric score: 1 (6 Mendeley, 1 tweet)
Article access: +1,600
Citations: 4
New Content ItemReview
Size effect in thermoelectric materials

We first discuss the quantum confinement effect on carriers, including the enhancement of electronic density of states, semimetal to semiconductor transition and carrier pocket engineering. Then, the effect of assumptions on theoretical calculations is presented. Finally, the effect of phonon confinement and interface scattering on lattice thermal conductivity is discussed.

Jun Mao, Zihang Liu and Zhifeng Ren

npj Quantum Materials

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Altmetric score: 3 (23 Mendeley, 3 tweets, 1 Facebook, 1 G+)
Article accesses: +2,200
Citations: 6
New Content ItemAtomistic material behavior at extreme pressures

Computer simulations are routinely performed to model the response of materials to extreme environments, such as neutron (or ion) irradiation. The latter involves high-energy collisions from which a recoiling atom creates a so-called atomic displacement cascade. These cascades involve coordinated motion of atoms in the form of supersonic shockwaves. These shockwaves are characterized by local atomic pressures >15 GPa and interatomic distances <2 Å...

Laurent Karim Béland, Yuri N Osetsky & Roger E Stoller

npj Computational Materials

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Altmetric score: 13 (1 news story, 8 Mendeley, 14 tweets, 3 G+)
Article accesses: +700
Citations: 2

Optics and quantum technology

New Content ItemThe laser assisted field electron emission from carbon nanostructure

We present experimental and theoretical study of the femtosecond light-assisted field electron emission from nanocarbon films. We demonstrate that irradiation with intense femtosecond laser pulse allows one to achieve electron emission density of up to 13 nC/cm2 at a moderate applied static electric field...

D. A. Lyashenko, Yu. P. Svirko, M. I. Petrov and A. N. Obrazisov

Journal of the European Optical Society—Rapid Publications

Article accesses: +70
New Content ItemFew-qubit quantum-classical simulation of strongly correlated lattice fermions

We study a proof-of-principle example of the recently proposed hybrid quantum-classical simulation of strongly correlated fermion models in the thermodynamic limit. In a ‘two-site’ dynamical mean-field theory (DMFT) approach we reduce the Hubbard model to an effective impurity model subject to self-consistency conditions...

Juha M Kreula, Laura García-Álvarez, Lucas Lamata, Stephen R Clark, Enrique Solano and Dieter Jaksch

EPJ Quantum Technology

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Altmetric score: 1 (9 Mendeley, 1 tweet, 1 Facebook)
Artricle access: +700
New Content ItemAttosecond precision multi-kilometer laser-microwave network

...Ultimately, we realize a complete laser-microwave network with 950-attosecond timing jitter for 18 h. This work can enable next-generation attosecond photon-science facilities to revolutionize many research fields from structural biology to material science and chemistry to fundamental physics.

Ming Xin, Kemal Şafak, Michael Y Peng, Aram Kalaydzhyan Wen-Ting Wang, Oliver D Mücke and Franz X Kärtner

Light: Science and Applications

New Content ItemMicrofiber Bragg grating for temperature and strain sensing applications

Fiber Bragg grating is inscribed on microfiber with femtosecond laser pulses irradiation. The microfiber is fabricated by stretching a section of single mode fiber over a flame. Periodic grooves are carved on the microfiber by the laser as have been observed experimentally. The microfiber Bragg grating is demonstrated for temperature and strain sensing, and the strain sensitivity is improved with decreased diameters of the microfibers.

Jie Tian, Shuhui Liu, Wenbing Yu, Peigang Deng

Photonic Sensors

Article accesses: +100

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