Why partner with SpringerOpen?

At SpringerOpen we are aware that scientific societies require cooperation and services additional to the top-quality services already provided for Editors, authors, reviewers, and readers of all our journals and articles. We offer societies a range of additional services and options, including the following:

  • Society revenue through a share of APCs charges and income from sponsored supplements
  • Possibility to arrange discounts for society members via a pre-pay arrangement
  • Free article feed to society website to run a mirror site of the journal
  • Detailed reporting on submissions, workflow, turnaround times, etc
  • Marketing opportunities such as conference promotions, online advertising, social media support, etc.
  • A forum to publish meeting reports and supplements

We invite all societies with established subscription or open access journals to discuss the advantages of partnering with SpringerOpen.

For societies looking to launch new journals in emerging and developing fields, the benefits of open access are already evident for many journals that were started only a few years ago, with no preceding history as a subscription-based publication. For instance: Annals of Intensive Care, launched in 2011 together with the French Society for Intensive Care (SLRF), achieved PubMed listing just four months after launch and reports 300,000 accesses to over 85 published articles in the first 18 months of publication. Examples such as these show how the worldwide momentum of the open access movement, the enhanced visibility of open access publishing and the quality of SpringerOpen's technology and services combine to provide journals with a solid basis for rising towards the top of their subject categories.

Springer already partners with many valued and prominent societies to publish under traditional and open access publication models. We invite our established society partners, with subscription based publications, to discuss the potential of launching a complimentary society Sister journal with SpringerOpen, or a society-branded collection within our broad-based open access journal SpringerPlus. For our society partners who are looking towards the future of publishing, we offer control over the pace at which they participate in a transition towards open access. Inter-journal networking and infrastructure-linking between traditional and open access journals, within the Springer network, is designed to offer authors and editors choice and easy navigation when deciding upon the best publication model for research.

For more information on how to start or transfer a journal, please visit our publishing services pages.

Join our Membership Program!

Journal-specific memberships provide a mechanism that allows APCs to be covered, either for all articles published in the journal or on behalf of society members and other authorized authors. Charges are debited to the society's membership account when submissions are accepted and published. Several options are available:

A Prepay Membership offers Member organizations a discounted APC in return for an upfront payment into the account. Upon publication, the APC for the journal, minus the discount that applies, will be deducted from the account. The higher the amount paid in advance, the greater the discount given.

Postpay Membership customers are invoiced quarterly for the APCs incurred for authorized papers that have been published in the society's journal over the preceding three months.

Shared Support Membership allows the author and intuition to share the APC. It is based on a deposit of funds that cover fifty percent of the APC for articles submitted and accepted from your researchers. The other fifty percent is covered by the authors and their grants.

Membership arrangements are flexible and separate from the publishing agreement between SpringerOpen and a society or other organization. This means, for instance, that societies have the option of initially covering the charges for all articles published in their journal but at a later stage switching to an arrangement where they cover the costs only on behalf of society members.

SpringerOpen also offers its Member institutions a cost-free SWORD-based delivery of articles published by staff affiliated with the institution: as soon as the official final version of an article is published in a SpringerOpen journal, we will automatically populate the author's institutional repository with the published article. For a society with a SpringerOpen Membership arrangement this means that we offer to deposit all articles published in the society's journal in a repository run by the society.

Please contact info@springeropen.com if you have any questions.

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