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  1. Authors: Felix Carl Fabian Schmitt, Vasil Manolov, Jakob Morgenstern, Thomas Fleming, Stefan Heitmeier, Florian Uhle, Mohammed Al-Saeedi, Thilo Hackert, Thomas Bruckner, Herbert Schöchl, Markus Alexander Weigand, Stefan Hofer and Thorsten Brenner
    Citation: Annals of Intensive Care 2019 9:19
  2. Authors: Akihiro Takano, Fredrik Piehl, Jan Hillert, Andrea Varrone, Sangram Nag, Balázs Gulyás, Per Stenkrona, Victor L Villemagne, Christopher C Rowe, Richard Macdonell, Nabil Al Tawil, Thomas Kucinski, Torsten Zimmermann, Marcus Schultze-Mosgau, Andrea Thiele, Anja Hoffmann…
    Citation: EJNMMI Research 2013 3:30