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AI and Security

  1. Outside the explosive successful applications of deep learning (DL) in natural language processing, computer vision, and information retrieval, there have been numerous Deep Neural Networks (DNNs) based altern...

    Authors: Chun Yang, Jinghui Xu, Shuangshuang Liang, Yanna Wu, Yu Wen, Boyang Zhang and Dan Meng
    Citation: Cybersecurity 2021 4:16
  2. Deep learning (DL) has exhibited its exceptional performance in fields like intrusion detection. Various augmentation methods have been proposed to improve data quality and eventually to enhance the performanc...

    Authors: Yixiang Wang, Shaohua lv, Jiqiang Liu, Xiaolin Chang and Jinqiang Wang
    Citation: Cybersecurity 2020 3:23
  3. Exploitability assessment of vulnerabilities is important for both defenders and attackers. The ultimate way to assess the exploitability is crafting a working exploit. However, it usually takes tremendous hou...

    Authors: Yan Wang, Wei Wu, Chao Zhang, Xinyu Xing, Xiaorui Gong and Wei Zou
    Citation: Cybersecurity 2019 2:12
  4. The popularity of cloud hosting services also brings in new security chal- lenges: it has been reported that these services are increasingly utilized by miscreants for their malicious online activities. Mitiga...

    Authors: Xiaojing Liao, Sumayah Alrwais, Kan Yuan, Luyi Xing, XiaoFeng Wang, Shuang Hao and Raheem Beyah
    Citation: Cybersecurity 2018 1:14
  5. Malware detection has become mission sensitive as its threats spread from computer systems to Internet of things systems. Modern malware variants are generally equipped with sophisticated packers, which allow ...

    Authors: Jixin Zhang, Kehuan Zhang, Zheng Qin, Hui Yin and Qixin Wu
    Citation: Cybersecurity 2018 1:10
  6. Adversarial examples revealed the weakness of machine learning techniques in terms of robustness, which moreover inspired adversaries to make use of the weakness to attack systems employing machine learning. E...

    Authors: Lu Sun, Mingtian Tan and Zhe Zhou
    Citation: Cybersecurity 2018 1:9