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Harnack's Estimates, Positivity and Local Behavior of Degenerate and Singular Parabolic Equations

  1. Research Article

    Harnack Inequalities: An Introduction

    The aim of this article is to give an introduction to certain inequalities named after Carl Gustav Axel von Harnack. These inequalities were originally defined for harmonic functions in the plane and much late...

    Moritz Kassmann

    Boundary Value Problems 2007 2007:081415

    Published on: 18 January 2007

  2. Research Article

    Interior Gradient Estimates for Nonuniformly Parabolic Equations II

    We prove interior gradient estimates for a large class of parabolic equations in divergence form. Using some simple ideas, we prove these estimates for several types of equations that are not amenable to previ...

    Gary M Lieberman

    Boundary Value Problems 2007 2007:035825

    Published on: 4 January 2007

  3. Research Article

    Symmetry Theorems and Uniform Rectifiability

    We study overdetermined boundary conditions for positive solutions to some elliptic partial differential equations of -Laplacian type in ...

    John L Lewis and Andrew L Vogel

    Boundary Value Problems 2006 2007:030190

    Published on: 30 November 2006