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2014 International Symposium on Next-Generation Electronics (ISNE 2014)

Prof Chao Sung Lai, Prof Jer-Chyi Wang, Dr peikuen wei

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  1. Nano Express

    Synthesis of CuInS2 quantum dots using polyetheramine as solvent

    This paper presents a facile solvothermal method of synthesizing copper indium sulfide (CuInS2) quantum dots (QDs) via a non-coordinated system using polyetheramine as a solvent. The structural and optical proper...

    Shih-Chang Shei, Wen-Jui Chiang and Shoou-Jinn Chang

    Nanoscale Research Letters 2015 10:122

    Published on: 12 March 2015

  2. Nano Express

    Biosensor for human IgE detection using shear-mode FBAR devices

    Film bulk acoustic resonators (FBARs) have been evaluated for use as biosensors because of their high sensitivity and small size. This study fabricated a novel human IgE biosensor using shear-mode FBAR devices...

    Ying-Chung Chen, Wei-Che Shih, Wei-Tsai Chang, Chun-Hung Yang, Kuo-Sheng Kao and Chien-Chuan Cheng

    Nanoscale Research Letters 2015 10:69

    Published on: 18 February 2015

  3. Nano Express

    Passivation ability of graphene oxide demonstrated by two-different-metal solar cells

    The study on graphene oxide (GO) grows rapidly in recent years. We find that graphene oxide could act as the passivation material in photovoltaic applications. Graphene oxide has been applied on Si two-differe...

    Wen-Tzu Hsu, Zong-Sian Tsai, Liang-Chun Chen, Guan-Yu Chen, Chun-Chieh Lin, Mei-Hsin Chen, Jenn-Ming Song and Chu-Hsuan Lin

    Nanoscale Research Letters 2014 9:696

    Published on: 23 December 2014

  4. Nano Express

    RRAM characteristics using a new Cr/GdOx/TiN structure

    Resistive random access memory (RRAM) characteristics using a new Cr/GdOx/TiN structure with different device sizes ranging from 0.4 × 0.4 to 8 × 8 μm2 have been reported in this study. Polycrystalline GdOx film ...

    Debanjan Jana, Mrinmoy Dutta, Subhranu Samanta and Siddheswar Maikap

    Nanoscale Research Letters 2014 9:680

    Published on: 17 December 2014

  5. Nano Express

    CZTSe solar cells prepared by electrodeposition of Cu/Sn/Zn stack layer followed by selenization at low Se pressure

    Cu2ZnSnSe4 (CZTSe) thin films are prepared by the electrodeposition of stack copper/tin/zinc (Cu/Sn/Zn) precursors, followed by selenization with a tin source at a substrate temperature of 530°C. Three selenizati...

    Liyong Yao, Jianping Ao, Ming-Jer Jeng, Jinlian Bi, Shoushuai Gao, Qing He, Zhiqiang Zhou, Guozhong Sun, Yun Sun, Liann-Be Chang and Jian-Wun Chen

    Nanoscale Research Letters 2014 9:678

    Published on: 15 December 2014

  6. Nano Express

    The effect of free-standing GaN substrate on carrier localization in ultraviolet InGaN light-emitting diodes

    In this study, we have grown 380-nm ultraviolet light-emitting diodes (UV-LEDs) based on InGaN/AlInGaN multiple quantum well (MQW) structures on free-standing GaN (FS-GaN) substrate by atmospheric pressure met...

    Ming-Ta Tsai, Chung-Ming Chu, Che-Hsuan Huang, Yin-Hao Wu, Ching-Hsueh Chiu, Zhen-Yu Li, Po-Min Tu, Wei-I Lee and Hao-Chung Kuo

    Nanoscale Research Letters 2014 9:675

    Published on: 13 December 2014

  7. Nano Express

    Characterizing the electrical properties of raised S/D junctionless thin-film transistors with a dual-gate structure

    This letter demonstrates a p-type raised source-and-drain (raised S/D) junctionless thin-film transistors (JL-TFTs) with a dual-gate structure. The raised S/D structure provides a high saturation current (>1 μ...

    Ya-Chi Cheng, Hung-Bin Chen, Jun-Ji Su, Chi-Shen Shao, Cheng-Ping Wang, Chun-Yen Chang and Yung-Chun Wu

    Nanoscale Research Letters 2014 9:669

    Published on: 11 December 2014

  8. Nano Express

    Effects of photo-assisted electrodeposited on CuInSe2 thin films

    Photo-assisted one-step electrodeposition has been applied to help in forming smooth and dense CuInSe2 films. The difference in surface morphology and crystalline quality between CuInSe2 films with various photo-...

    Tsung-Wei Chang, Wen-Hsi Lee, Yin-Hsien Su and Yu-Jen Hsiao

    Nanoscale Research Letters 2014 9:660

    Published on: 9 December 2014

  9. Nano Express

    Periodic nano/micro-hole array silicon solar cell

    In this study, we applied a metal catalyst etching method to fabricate a nano/microhole array on a Si substrate for application in solar cells. In addition, the surface of an undesigned area was etched because...

    Guan-Yu Lai, Dinesh P Kumar and Zingway Pei

    Nanoscale Research Letters 2014 9:654

    Published on: 3 December 2014

  10. Nano Express

    Coupled nanowire-based hybrid plasmonic nanocavities on thin substrates

    We theoretically analyze nanowire-based hybrid plasmonic nanocavities on thin substrates at visible wavelengths. In the presence of thin suspended substrates, the hybrid plasmonic modes, formed by the coupling...

    Pi-Ju Cheng, Chih-Kai Chiang, Yi-Cheng Chung, Chung-Hao Tien and Tzy-Rong Lin

    Nanoscale Research Letters 2014 9:641

    Published on: 28 November 2014

  11. Nano Express

    Annealing effects on the optical and morphological properties of ZnO nanorods on AZO substrate by using aqueous solution method at low temperature

    Vertically aligned ZnO nanorods (NRs) on aluminum-doped zinc oxide (AZO) substrates were fabricated by a single-step aqueous solution method at low temperature. In order to optimize optical quality, the effect...

    Da-Ren Hang, Sk Emdadul Islam, Krishna Hari Sharma, Shiao-Wei Kuo, Cheng-Zu Zhang and Jun-Jie Wang

    Nanoscale Research Letters 2014 9:632

    Published on: 25 November 2014

  12. Nano Express

    A single poly-Si gate-all-around junctionless fin field-effect transistor for use in one-time programming nonvolatile memory

    This work demonstrates a feasible single poly-Si gate-all-around (GAA) junctionless fin field-effect transistor (JL-FinFET) for use in one-time programming (OTP) nonvolatile memory (NVM) applications. The adva...

    Mu-Shih Yeh, Yung-Chun Wu, Kuan-Cheng Liu, Ming-Hsien Chung, Yi-Ruei Jhan, Min-Feng Hung and Lun-Chun Chen

    Nanoscale Research Letters 2014 9:603

    Published on: 6 November 2014

  13. Nano Express

    Influence of patterned sapphire substrates with different symmetry on the light output power of InGaN-based LEDs

    This paper aims to investigate the light output power (LOP) of InGaN-based light-emitting diodes (LEDs) grown on patterned sapphire substrates (PSSs) with different symmetry. The GaN epitaxial layers grown on ...

    Yao-Hong You, Vin-Cent Su, Ti-En Ho, Bo-Wen Lin, Ming-Lun Lee, Atanu Das, Wen-Ching Hsu, Chieh-Hsiung Kuan and Ray-Ming Lin

    Nanoscale Research Letters 2014 9:596

    Published on: 3 November 2014

  14. Nano Express

    Advanced Cu chemical displacement technique for SiO2-based electrochemical metallization ReRAM application

    This study investigates an advanced copper (Cu) chemical displacement technique (CDT) with varying the chemical displacement time for fabricating Cu/SiO2-stacked resistive random-access memory (ReRAM). Compared w...

    Fun-Tat Chin, Yu-Hsien Lin, Hsin-Chiang You, Wen-Luh Yang, Li-Min Lin, Yu-Ping Hsiao, Chum-Min Ko and Tien-Sheng Chao

    Nanoscale Research Letters 2014 9:592

    Published on: 28 October 2014

  15. Nano Express

    Color-tunable mixed photoluminescence emission from Alq3 organic layer in metal-Alq3-metal surface plasmon structure

    This work reports the color-tunable mixed photoluminescence (PL) emission from an Alq3 organic layer in an Au-Alq3-Au plasmonic structure through the combination of organic fluorescence emission and another form ...

    Nai-Chuan Chen, Chung-Chi Liao, Cheng-Chang Chen, Wan-Ting Fan, Jin-Han Wu, Jung-Yu Li, Shih-Pu Chen, Bohr-Ran Huang and Li-Ling Lee

    Nanoscale Research Letters 2014 9:569

    Published on: 13 October 2014

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