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Image and Video Quality Improvement Techniques for Emerging Applications

Edited by: Thorsten Herfet, Vladimir Lukin,Volodymyr Ponomaryov, Bogdan Smolka and Vladimir Zlokolica

  1. Research

    A new quality assessment and improvement system for print media

    Print media collections of considerable size are held by cultural heritage organizations and will soon be subject to digitization activities. However, technical content quality management in digitization workf...

    Mohan Liu, Iuliu Konya, Jan Nandzik, Nicolas Flores-Herr, Stefan Eickeler and Patrick Ndjiki-Nya

    EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing 2012 2012:109

    Published on: 15 May 2012

  2. Research

    Methods for depth-map filtering in view-plus-depth 3D video representation

    View-plus-depth is a scene representation format where each pixel of a color image or video frame is augmented by per-pixel depth represented as gray-scale image (map). In the representation, the quality of the d...

    Sergey Smirnov, Atanas Gotchev and Karen Egiazarian

    EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing 2012 2012:25

    Published on: 14 February 2012

  3. Research

    SSIM-inspired image restoration using sparse representation

    Recently, sparse representation based methods have proven to be successful towards solving image restoration problems. The objective of these methods is to use sparsity prior of the underlying signal in terms ...

    Abdul Rehman, Mohammad Rostami, Zhou Wang, Dominique Brunet and Edward R Vrscay

    EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing 2012 2012:16

    Published on: 20 January 2012

  4. Research

    Automated optical inspection system for digital TV sets

    This article proposes a real-time test and verification system for full-reference automatic image quality assessment and verification of digital TV sets. Digital camera is used for acquisition of the TV screen...

    Ivan Kastelan, Mihajlo Katona, Dusica Marijan and Jan Zloh

    EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing 2011 2011:140

    Published on: 23 December 2011

  5. Research

    Real-time video quality monitoring

    The ITU-T Recommendation G.1070 is a standardized opinion model for video telephony applications that uses video bitrate, frame rate, and packet-loss rate to measure the video quality. However, this model was ...

    Tao Liu, Niranjan Narvekar, Beibei Wang, Ran Ding, Dekun Zou, Glenn Cash, Sitaram Bhagavathy and Jeffrey Bloom

    EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing 2011 2011:122

    Published on: 6 December 2011

  6. Research

    Efficient 2D to 3D video conversion implemented on DSP

    An efficient algorithm to generate three-dimensional (3D) video sequences is presented in this work. The algorithm is based on a disparity map computation and an anaglyph synthesis. The disparity map was first...

    Eduardo Ramos-Diaz, Victor Kravchenko and Volodymyr Ponomaryov

    EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing 2011 2011:106

    Published on: 18 November 2011

  7. Research

    Improvement for detection of microcalcifications through clustering algorithms and artificial neural networks

    A new method for detecting microcalcifications in regions of interest (ROIs) extracted from digitized mammograms is proposed. The top-hat transform is a technique based on mathematical morphology operations and, ...

    Joel Quintanilla-Domínguez, Benjamín Ojeda-Magaña, Alexis Marcano-Cedeño, María G Cortina-Januchs, Antonio Vega-Corona and Diego Andina

    EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing 2011 2011:91

    Published on: 24 October 2011

  8. Research

    A study on the impact of AL-FEC techniques on TV over IP Quality of Experience

    In this contribution, an evaluation of the effectiveness of Application Layer-Forward Error Correction (AL-FEC) scheme in video communications over unreliable channels is presented. In literature, several AL-F...

    Federica Battisti, Marco Carli, Elena Mammi and Alessandro Neri

    EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing 2011 2011:86

    Published on: 11 October 2011

  9. Research

    Resolution-enhanced radar/SAR imaging: an experiment design framework combined with neural network-adapted variational analysis regularization

    The convex optimization-based descriptive experiment design regularization (DEDR) method is aggregated with the neural network (NN)-adapted variational analysis (VA) approach for adaptive high-resolution sensi...

    Yuriy Shkvarko, Stewart Santos and Jose Tuxpan

    EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing 2011 2011:85

    Published on: 11 October 2011

  10. Research

    No-reference image quality metric based on image classification

    In this article, we present a new no-reference (NR) objective image quality metric based on image classification. We also propose a new blocking metric and a new blur metric. Both metrics are NR metrics since ...

    Hyunsoo Choi and Chulhee Lee

    EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing 2011 2011:65

    Published on: 18 September 2011

  11. Research

    Efficiency analysis of color image filtering

    This article addresses under which conditions filtering can visibly improve the image quality. The key points are the following. First, we analyze filtering efficiency for 25 test images, from the color image ...

    Dmitriy V Fevralev, Nikolay N Ponomarenko, Vladimir V Lukin, Sergey K Abramov, Karen O Egiazarian and Jaakko T Astola

    EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing 2011 2011:41

    Published on: 15 August 2011