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Low dimensional electric and photonic materials and devices

Prof Hyeonsik Cheong, Prof Chang Liu

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  1. Nano Express

    Ferroelectric domain states of a tetragonal BiFeO3 thin film investigated by second harmonic generation microscopy

    We investigate the ferroelectric state of a tetragonal BiFeO3 thin film grown on a LaAlO3 (001) substrate using an optical second harmonic generation (SHG) microscope. Whereas the ferroelectric state of this mate...

    Chang Jae Roh, Sun Young Hamh, Chang-Soo Woo, Kwang-Eun Kim, Chan-Ho Yang and Jong Seok Lee

    Nanoscale Research Letters 2017 12:353

    Published on: 15 May 2017

  2. Nano Express

    High White Light Photosensitivity of SnSe Nanoplate-Graphene Nanocomposites

    The multi-functional nanomaterial constructed with more than one type of materials has gained a great attention due to its promising application. Here, a high white light photodetector prototype established wi...

    Jinyang Liu, Qingqing Huang, Kun Zhang, Yangyang Xu, Mingzhu Guo, Yongqiang Qian, Zhigao Huang, Fachun Lai and Limei Lin

    Nanoscale Research Letters 2017 12:259

    Published on: 7 April 2017

  3. Nano Express

    Tunable Wetting Property in Growth Mode-Controlled WS2 Thin Films

    We report on a thickness-dependent wetting property of WS2/Al2O3 and WS2/SiO2/Si structures. We prepared WS2 films with gradient thickness by annealing thickness-controlled WO3 films at 800 °C in sulfur atmospher...

    Byoung Ki Choi, In Hak Lee, Jiho Kim and Young Jun Chang

    Nanoscale Research Letters 2017 12:262

    Published on: 7 April 2017

  4. Nano Express

    Strong Light Confinement in Metal-Coated Si Nanopillars: Interplay of Plasmonic Effects and Geometric Resonance

    We investigated the influence of metal coating on the optical characteristics of Si nanopillar (NP) arrays with and without thin metal layers coated on the sample surface. The reflection dips of the metal-coat...

    Sujung Kim, Eunah Kim, Yeon Ui Lee, Eunkyo Ko, Hyeong-Ho Park, Jeong Weon Wu and Dong-Wook Kim

    Nanoscale Research Letters 2017 12:151

    Published on: 27 February 2017

  5. Nano Express

    Analysis of oxygen vacancy in Co-doped ZnO using the electron density distribution obtained using MEM

    Oxygen vacancy (VO) strongly affects the properties of oxides. In this study, we used X-ray diffraction (XRD) to study changes in the VO concentration as a function of the Co-doping level of ZnO. Rietveld refinem...

    Ji Hun Park, Yeong Ju Lee, Jong-Seong Bae, Bum-Su Kim, Yong Chan Cho, Chikako Moriyoshi, Yoshihiro Kuroiwa, Seunghun Lee and Se-Young Jeong

    Nanoscale Research Letters 2015 10:186

    Published on: 18 April 2015

  6. Nano Express

    Ultrasmall microdisk and microring lasers based on InAs/InGaAs/GaAs quantum dots

    Ultrasmall microring and microdisk lasers with an asymmetric air/GaAs/Al0.98Ga0.02As waveguide and an active region based on InAs/InGaAs/GaAs quantum dots emitting around 1.3 μm were fabricated and studied. The d...

    Mikhail V Maximov, Natalia V Kryzhanovskaya, Alexey M Nadtochiy, Eduard I Moiseev, Ivan I Shostak, Andrey A Bogdanov, Zarina F Sadrieva, Alexey E Zhukov, Andrey A Lipovskii, Denis V Karpov, Janne Laukkanen and Juha Tommila

    Nanoscale Research Letters 2014 9:657

    Published on: 4 December 2014

  7. Nano Express

    Improving scattering layer through mixture of nanoporous spheres and nanoparticles in ZnO-based dye-sensitized solar cells

    A scattering layer is utilized by mixing nanoporous spheres and nanoparticles in ZnO-based dye-sensitized solar cells. Hundred-nanometer-sized ZnO spheres consisting of approximately 35-nm-sized nanoparticles ...

    Chohui Kim, Hongsik Choi, Jae Ik Kim, Sangheon Lee, Jinhyun Kim, Woojin Lee, Taehyun Hwang, Suji Kang, Taeho Moon and Byungwoo Park

    Nanoscale Research Letters 2014 9:295

    Published on: 11 June 2014

  8. Nano Express

    AlGaInP light-emitting diodes with SACNTs as current-spreading layer

    Transparent conductive current-spreading layer is important for quantum efficiency and thermal performance of light-emitting diodes (LEDs). The increasing demand for tin-doped indium oxide (ITO) caused the pri...

    Xia Guo, Chun Wei Guo, Yuan Hao Jin, Yu Chen, Qun Qing Li and Shou Shan Fan

    Nanoscale Research Letters 2014 9:171

    Published on: 8 April 2014

  9. Nano Express

    Metal-particle-induced enhancement of the photoluminescence from biomolecule-functionalized carbon nanotubes

    The effect of metal particles on the photoluminescence (PL) and the Raman spectra of functionalized SWCNTs in aqueous solutions was systematically investigated by studying three different metal particles (gold...

    Se-Jin Kim, June Park, Yuhyun Jeong, Hayoung Go, Kangseok Lee, Seunghun Hong and Maeng-Je Seong

    Nanoscale Research Letters 2014 9:85

    Published on: 18 February 2014

  10. Nano Express

    High Mg effective incorporation in Al-rich Al x Ga1 - xN by periodic repetition of ultimate V/III ratio conditions

    According to first-principles calculations, the solubility of Mg as a substitute for Ga or Al in Al x Ga1 – xN bulk is limited by large, positive formation enthalpies. In contras...

    Tongchang Zheng, Wei Lin, Duanjun Cai, Weihuang Yang, Wei Jiang, Hangyang Chen, Jinchai Li, Shuping Li and Junyong Kang

    Nanoscale Research Letters 2014 9:40

    Published on: 21 January 2014

  11. Nano Express

    Tunable blue-green-emitting wurtzite ZnS:Mg nanosheet-assembled hierarchical spheres for near-UV white LEDs

    Mg-doped ZnS hierarchical spheres have been synthesized via hydrothermal method using mixed solvents of ethylenediamine and DI water without any surface-active agent. The surface morphology and microstructure ...

    Devulapalli Amaranatha Reddy, Deok Hyeon Kim, Seuk Joo Rhee, Bo Wha Lee and Chunli Liu

    Nanoscale Research Letters 2014 9:20

    Published on: 13 January 2014

  12. Nano Express

    Nanoscale observation of surface potential and carrier transport in Cu2ZnSn(S,Se)4 thin films grown by sputtering-based two-step process

    Stacked precursors of Cu-Zn-Sn-S were grown by radio frequency sputtering and annealed in a furnace with Se metals to form thin-film solar cell materials of Cu2ZnSn(S,Se)4 (CZTSSe). The samples have different abs...

    Gee Yeong Kim, Ju Ri Kim, William Jo, Dae-Ho Son, Dae-Hwan Kim and Jin-Kyu Kang

    Nanoscale Research Letters 2014 9:10

    Published on: 8 January 2014

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