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Special Issue on Medical Robotics

Prof Yili Fu, Max Meng, Dr Hongliang Ren, Dr. Haoyong Yu

  1. In this paper, a new remote center motion (RCM) mechanism called triangle is proposed; this mechanism is simple and with high stiffness. A complete kinematic analysis and optimization algorithm implying AHP wh...

    Authors: Guojun Niu, Bo Pan, Yili Fu and Shuguo Wang
    Citation: Robotics and Biomimetics 2015 2:2
  2. In traditional laparoscopic hysterectomy, an assistant is typically assigned to hold a uterus manipulator to facilitate the surgical procedures. The responsibility of the assistant is to position the uterus ac...

    Authors: Hiu Man Yip, Peng Li, David Navarro-Alarcon and Yun-hui Liu
    Citation: Robotics and Biomimetics 2014 1:9
  3. Aiming to develop an noninvasive BMI control system with EEG (electroencephalogram) signals to control external devices such as prostheses and robots for rehabilitation and/or power support, four different tas...

    Authors: Masataka Yoshioka, Chi Zhu, Kazuyuki Imamura, Feng Wang, Haoyong Yu, Feng Duan and Yuling Yan
    Citation: Robotics and Biomimetics 2014 1:22
  4. This paper describes a novel cable-driven ankle-foot mechanism with two controllable degrees of freedom (DOF) in dorsiflexion-plantarflexion (DP) and inversion-eversion (IE). The presented mechanism is a proof...

    Authors: Evandro M Ficanha, Mohammad Rastgaar and Kenton R Kaufman
    Citation: Robotics and Biomimetics 2014 1:17
  5. Current state-of-the-art quantitative assessments of abnormal neuro-mechanics (e.g., spasticity, rigidity, dystonia) require sophisticated measurement systems that, together with the lengthiness of the data ac...

    Authors: Alejandro Melendez-Calderon, Davide Piovesan, James L Patton and Ferdinando A Mussa-Ivaldi
    Citation: Robotics and Biomimetics 2014 1:12
  6. Transferring skills from a biological organism to a hyper-redundant system is a challenging task, especially when the two agents have very different structure/embodiment and evolve in different environments. I...

    Authors: Milad S Malekzadeh, Sylvain Calinon, Danilo Bruno and Darwin G Caldwell
    Citation: Robotics and Biomimetics 2014 1:13