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Nanotechnology and nanomaterials (NANO-2013)

Dr Olena Fesenko, Dr Olivier Pluchery, Prof Leonid Yatsenko

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  1. Nano Review

    Nanotechnology for the detection and kill of circulating tumor cells

    Circulating tumor cells (CTCs) represent a surrogate biomarker of hematogenous metastases and thus could be considered as a ‘liquid biopsy’ which reveals metastasis in action. But it is absolutely a challenge ...

    Yang Gao and Zhou Yuan

    Nanoscale Research Letters 2014 9:500

    Published on: 15 September 2014

  2. Nano Express

    Redistribution of elements of metals in plant tissues under treatment by non-ionic colloidal solution of biogenic metal nanoparticles

    The content of metal elements in plant tissues of 10-day wheat seedlings after seed pre-treatment and foliar treatment with non-ionic colloidal solution of metal nanoparticles (Fe, Mn, Cu, Zn) was determined b...

    Nataliya Taran, Ludmila Batsmanova, Yevheniya Konotop and Alexander Okanenko

    Nanoscale Research Letters 2014 9:354

    Published on: 15 July 2014

  3. Nano Express

    Comparative studies of salinomycin-loaded nanoparticles prepared by nanoprecipitation and single emulsion method

    To establish a satisfactory delivery system for the delivery of salinomycin (Sal), a novel, selective cancer stem cell inhibitor with prominent toxicity, gelatinase-responsive core-shell nanoparticles (NPs), w...

    Qin Wang, Puyuan Wu, Wei Ren, Kai Xin, Yang Yang, Chen Xie, Chenchen Yang, Qin Liu, Lixia Yu, Xiqun Jiang, Baorui Liu, Rutain Li and Lifeng Wang

    Nanoscale Research Letters 2014 9:351

    Published on: 15 July 2014

  4. Nano Express

    Atomistic deformation mechanisms in twinned copper nanospheres

    In the present study, we perform molecular dynamic simulations to investigate the compression response and atomistic deformation mechanisms of twinned nanospheres. The relationship between load and compression...

    Jianjun Bian, Xinrui Niu, Hao Zhang and Gangfeng Wang

    Nanoscale Research Letters 2014 9:335

    Published on: 5 July 2014

  5. Nano Express

    Transient viscoelasticity study of tobacco mosaic virus/Ba2+ superlattice

    Recently, we reported a new method to synthesize the rod-like tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) superlattice. To explore its potentials in nanolattice templating and tissue scaffolding, this work focused the viscoela...

    Haoran Wang, Xinnan Wang, Tao Li and Byeongdu Lee

    Nanoscale Research Letters 2014 9:300

    Published on: 13 June 2014

  6. Nano Express

    The synthesis and characterization of monodispersed chitosan-coated Fe3O4 nanoparticles via a facile one-step solvothermal process for adsorption of bovine serum albumin

    Preparation of magnetic nanoparticles coated with chitosan (CS-coated Fe3O4 NPs) in one step by the solvothermal method in the presence of different amounts of added chitosan is reported here. The magnetic proper...

    Mao Shen, Yujing Yu, Guodong Fan, Guang Chen, Ying min Jin, Wenyuan Tang and Wenping Jia

    Nanoscale Research Letters 2014 9:296

    Published on: 11 June 2014

  7. Nano Express

    The effect of colloidal solution of molybdenum nanoparticles on the microbial composition in rhizosphere of Cicer arietinum L.

    The use of colloidal solutions of metals as micronutrients enhances plant resistance to unfavorable environmental conditions and ensures high yields of food crops due to the active penetration of nanoelements ...

    Natalia Yu Taran, Olena M Gonchar, Kostyantyn G Lopatko, Lyudmila M Batsmanova, Mykola V Patyka and Mykola V Volkogon

    Nanoscale Research Letters 2014 9:289

    Published on: 9 June 2014

  8. Nano Commentary

    Composite inorganic membranes containing nanoparticles of hydrated zirconium dioxide for electrodialytic separation

    The aim of the work was to elucidate the nature of charge-selective properties of macroporous composite inorganic membranes modified with nanoparticles of hydrated zirconium dioxide. The membranes have been in...

    Yuliya S Dzyazko, Yurii M Volfkovich, Valentin E Sosenkin, Nadejda F Nikolskaya and Yurii P Gomza

    Nanoscale Research Letters 2014 9:271

    Published on: 29 May 2014

  9. Nano Express

    Coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering enhancement of thymine adsorbed on graphene oxide

    Coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering (CARS) of carbon nanostructures, namely, highly oriented pyrolytic graphite, graphene nanoplatelets, graphene oxide, and multiwall carbon nanotubes as well CARS spectra of...

    Galyna Dovbeshko, Olena Fesenko, Andrej Dementjev, Renata Karpicz, Vladimir Fedorov and Oleg Yu Posudievsky

    Nanoscale Research Letters 2014 9:263

    Published on: 27 May 2014

  10. Nano Express

    Earthworm coelomocytes as nanoscavenger of ZnO NPs

    Earthworms can ‘biotransform’ or ‘biodegrade’ chemical contaminants, rendering them harmless in their bodies, and can bioaccumulate them in their tissues. They ‘absorb’ the dissolved chemicals through their mo...

    Shruti Gupta, Tanuja Kushwah and Shweta Yadav

    Nanoscale Research Letters 2014 9:259

    Published on: 23 May 2014

  11. Nano Commentary

    A catalyst-free growth of aluminum-doped ZnO nanorods by thermal evaporation

    The growth of Al:ZnO nanorods on a silicon substrate using a low-temperature thermal evaporation method is reported. The samples were fabricated within a horizontal quartz tube under controlled supply of O2 gas w...

    Syahida Suhaimi, Samsudi Sakrani, Tashi Dorji and Abdul Khamim Ismail

    Nanoscale Research Letters 2014 9:256

    Published on: 23 May 2014

  12. Nano Express

    Photogenerated charges and surface potential variations investigated on single Si nanorods by electrostatic force microscopy combined with laser irradiation

    Photogenerated charging properties of single Si nanorods (Si NRs) are investigated by electrostatic force microscopy (EFM) combined with laser irradiation. Under laser irradiation, Si NRs are positively charge...

    Shan Wu, Zilong Wu, Dongdong Lin, Zhenyang Zhong, Zuimin Jiang and Xinju Yang

    Nanoscale Research Letters 2014 9:245

    Published on: 20 May 2014

  13. Nano Express

    A new method to disperse CdS quantum dot-sensitized TiO2 nanotube arrays into P3HT:PCBM layer for the improvement of efficiency of inverted polymer solar cells

    We report that the efficiency of ITO/nc-TiO2/P3HT:PCBM/MoO3/Ag inverted polymer solar cells (PSCs) can be improved by dispersing CdS quantum dot (QD)-sensitized TiO2 nanotube arrays (TNTs) in poly (3-hexylthiophe...

    Fumin Li, Chong Chen, Furui Tan, Gentian Yue, Liang Shen and Weifeng Zhang

    Nanoscale Research Letters 2014 9:240

    Published on: 16 May 2014

  14. Nano Express

    Investigation of chemical transformations of thiophenylglycoside of muramyl dipeptide on the fumed silica surface using TPD-MS, FTIR spectroscopy and ES IT MS

    In this study, chemical transformations of benzyl ester of О-(phenyl-2-acetamido-2,3-dideoxy-1-thio-β-d-glucopyranoside-3-yl)-d-lactoyl-l-alanyl-d-isoglutamine (SPhMDPOBn) on the fumed silica surface were examine...

    Liana R Azizova, Tetiana V Kulik, Borys B Palianytsia, Aleksandr E Zemlyakov, Viktoriya N Tsikalova and Vasiliy Ya Chirva

    Nanoscale Research Letters 2014 9:234

    Published on: 13 May 2014

  15. Nano Express

    Site-selective substitutional doping with atomic precision on stepped Al (111) surface by single-atom manipulation

    In fabrication of nano- and quantum devices, it is sometimes critical to position individual dopants at certain sites precisely to obtain the specific or enhanced functionalities. With first-principles simulat...

    Chang Chen, Jinhu Zhang, Guofeng Dong, Hezhu Shao, Bo-yuan Ning, Li Zhao, Xi-jing Ning and Jun Zhuang

    Nanoscale Research Letters 2014 9:235

    Published on: 13 May 2014

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