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Nielsen Theory and Related Topics

  1. Research Article

    Epsilon Nielsen fixed point theory

    Let be a map of a compact, connected Riemannian manifold, with or without boundary. For ...

    Robert F Brown

    Fixed Point Theory and Applications 2006 2006:29470

    Published on: 18 March 2006

  2. Research Article

    Wecken type problems for self-maps of the Klein bottle

    We consider various problems regarding roots and coincidence points for maps into the Klein bottle . The root problem where the target i...

    DL Gonçalves and MR Kelly

    Fixed Point Theory and Applications 2006 2006:75848

    Published on: 16 March 2006

  3. Research Article

    Coincidence classes in nonorientable manifolds

    We study Nielsen coincidence theory for maps between manifolds of same dimension regardless of orientation. We use the definition of semi-index of a class, review the definition of defective classes, and study...

    Daniel Vendrúscolo

    Fixed Point Theory and Applications 2006 2006:68513

    Published on: 2 March 2006

  4. Research Article

    Nielsen number of a covering map

    We consider a finite regular covering over a compact polyhedron and a map

    Jerzy Jezierski

    Fixed Point Theory and Applications 2006 2006:37807

    Published on: 26 February 2006