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Pushing the frontiers of intercultural research: asking critical questions

Dr Jennifer Mahon

  1. Research

    Are virtues national, supranational, or universal?

    Many studies investigated cultural differences in values, most notably by Hofstede and Schwarz. Relatively few have focused on virtues, a related and important concept in contemporary social science. The prese...

    Jan Pieter van Oudenhoven, Boele de Raad, Marieke E Timmerman, Françoise Askevis-Leherpeux, Pawel Boski, Carmen Carmona, Rajneesh Choubisa, Alejandra del Carmen Dominguez, Hege H Bye, Anastacia Kurylo, Cornelia Lahmann, Khairul Mastor, Eva Selenko, Alena Slezáčková, Ripley Smith, Linda Tip…

    SpringerPlus 2014 3:223

    Published on: 2 May 2014

  2. Meeting report

    Cultural variations in sentiments

    The largest in-depth cross-cultural study of the 20th Century, directed by psychologist Charles Osgood at the University of Illinois, demonstrated that the affective meanings of concepts vary along three dimen...

    David R Heise

    SpringerPlus 2014 3:170

    Published on: 1 April 2014

  3. Research

    Cultural heritage training in the US military

    Cultural competence is a vital component of many missions in today’s military. Cultural competence enables one to further a mission, save resources, and save lives. Conversely, a lack of cultural competence ma...

    Leedjia Svec

    SpringerPlus 2014 3:126

    Published on: 6 March 2014

  4. Research

    An investigation of trauma-associated appraisals and posttraumatic stress disorder in British and Asian trauma survivors: the development of the Public and Communal Self Appraisals Measure (PCSAM)

    Two studies examined the role of culture on cognitive appraisals of trauma and associated implications for posttraumatic psychological adjustment. Study 2 also investigated the reliability and validity of a ne...

    Alberta Engelbrecht and Laura Jobson

    SpringerPlus 2014 3:44

    Published on: 24 January 2014