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Root related traits

Prof Antonio Costa de Oliveira, Prof Scott Jackson

  1. Research

    Abiotic stress and genome dynamics: specific genes and transposable elements response to iron excess in rice

    Iron toxicity is a root related abiotic stress, occurring frequently in flooded soils. It can affect the yield of rice in lowland production systems. This toxicity is associated with high concentrations of red...

    Taciane Finatto, Antonio Costa de Oliveira, Cristian Chaparro, Luciano C da Maia, Daniel R Farias, Leomar G Woyann, Claudete C Mistura, Adriana P Soares-Bresolin, Christel Llauro, Olivier Panaud and Nathalie Picault

    Rice 2015 8:13

    Published on: 25 February 2015

  2. Review

    The roots of future rice harvests

    Rice production faces the challenge to be enhanced by 50% by year 2030 to meet the growth of the population in rice-eating countries. Whereas yield of cereal crops tend to reach plateaus and a yield is likely ...

    Nourollah Ahmadi, Alain Audebert, Malcolm J Bennett, Anthony Bishopp, Antonio Costa de Oliveira, Brigitte Courtois, Abdala Diedhiou, Anne Diévart, Pascal Gantet, Alain Ghesquière, Emmanuel Guiderdoni, Amelia Henry, Yoshiaki Inukai, Leon Kochian, Laurent Laplaze, Mikael Lucas…

    Rice 2014 7:29

    Published on: 10 December 2014

  3. Review

    Genes controlling root development in rice

    In this review, we report on the recent developments made using both genetics and functional genomics approaches in the discovery of genes controlling root development in rice. QTL detection in classical bipar...

    Chung D Mai, Nhung TP Phung, Huong TM To, Mathieu Gonin, Giang T Hoang, Khanh L Nguyen, Vinh N Do, Brigitte Courtois and Pascal Gantet

    Rice 2014 7:30

    Published on: 28 November 2014