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SJES Special Focus on Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic presents a great challenge for health policy, but also for economic policy more broadly. The only remedy so far has involved confinement of substantial parts of the population to ensure appropriate levels of social distance. These necessary measures carry a substantial economic cost, with early data showing an unprecedented contraction in economic activity.

New Content ItemIn these massively changing times, economists can contribute to shaping the debate. The Swiss Journal of Economics and Statistics has prepared a collection of submissions that analyze the disease and its impact on the economic and health situation, propose ways to mitigate economic consequences, or discuss ways to return to normal life, among others.

Lead Editor: C├ędric Tille

Edited by: Monika Buetler, Ugo Panizza, Urban Jerman, Guido Kuersteiner

  1. The partial shutdown of the economy following the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the lack of measurements of economic activity that are available with a short lag and at high frequency. The ...

    Authors: Yvan Lengwiler

    Citation: Swiss Journal of Economics and Statistics 2020 156:7

    Content type: Original article

    Published on:

  2. Because macroeconomic data is published with a substantial delay, assessing the health of the economy during the rapidly evolving COVID-19 crisis is challenging. We develop a fever curve for the Swiss economy ...

    Authors: Marc Burri and Daniel Kaufmann

    Citation: Swiss Journal of Economics and Statistics 2020 156:6

    Content type: Original article

    Published on: