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Thermal, dynamical, and chemical processes in our early Solar System

Progress in Earth and Planetary Science welcomes submissions to the special issue on 'Thermal, dynamical, and chemical processes in our early Solar System'.

Meteorites from asteroids, the Moon and Mars, as well as lunar and terrestrial impactites contain detailed records of the early formation processes of our Solar System. Microstructures and shock-induced high pressure phases found in meteorites, lunar samples, and terrestrial impact craters provide critical constraints to the history, dynamics, and kinetics of shock events. In this SPEPS series, we address research topics related to mineral phase and micro-texture analysis, chemical and isotope compositions, and P-T-t path of terrestrial and extra-terrestrial samples.

Deadline for submissions

Submission start: 1 November 2020

Submission deadline:  31 October 2021

Guest Editors

Audrey Bouvier
Universit├Ąt Bayreuth

Tom Sharp
Arizona State University

Makoto Kimura
National Institute of Polar Research /Ibaraki University

Yangting Lin
Chinese Academy of Science

  1. We investigated the compressional behavior of i-AlCuFe quasicrystal using diamond anvil cell under quasi-hydrostatic conditions by in situ angle-dispersive X-ray powder diffraction measurements (in both compre...

    Authors: Vincenzo Stagno, Luca Bindi, Sota Takagi and Atsushi Kyono

    Citation: Progress in Earth and Planetary Science 2021 8:27

    Content type: Research article

    Published on: