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Takahashi's Legacy in Fixed Point Theory

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  1. Research Article

    Remarks on Recent Fixed Point Theorems

    Coincidence and fixed point theorems for a new class of contractive, nonexpansive and hybrid contractions are proved. Applications regarding the existence of common solutions of certain functional equations ar...

    SL Singh and SN Mishra

    Fixed Point Theory and Applications 2010 2010:452905

    Published on: 31 May 2010

  2. Research Article

    Fixed Point Properties Related to Multivalued Mappings

    We discuss fixed point properties of convex subsets of locally convex linear topological spaces. We derive equivalence among fixed point properties concerning several types of multivalued mappings.

    Hidetoshi Komiya

    Fixed Point Theory and Applications 2010 2010:581728

    Published on: 23 May 2010

  3. Research Article

    On Uniformly Generalized Lipschitzian Mappings

    We consider another class of generalized Lipschitzian type mappings and utilize the same to prove fixed point theorems for asymptotically regular and uniformly generalized Lipschitzian one-parameter semigroups...

    M Imdad and AhmedH Soliman

    Fixed Point Theory and Applications 2010 2010:692401

    Published on: 17 May 2010

  4. Research Article

    Maximality Principle and General Results of Ekeland and Caristi Types without Lower Semicontinuity Assumptions in Cone Uniform Spaces with Generalized Pseudodistances

    Our aim is twofold: first, we want to introduce a partial quasiordering in cone uniform spaces with generalized pseudodistances for giving the general maximality principle in these spaces. Second, we want to s...

    Kazimierz Włodarczyk and Robert Plebaniak

    Fixed Point Theory and Applications 2010 2010:175453

    Published on: 18 April 2010

  5. Research Article

    Generalizations of the Nash Equilibrium Theorem in the KKM Theory

    The partial KKM principle for an abstract convex space is an abstract form of the classical KKM theorem. In this paper, we derive generalized forms of the Ky Fan minimax inequality, the von Neumann-Sion minima...

    Sehie Park

    Fixed Point Theory and Applications 2010 2010:234706

    Published on: 12 April 2010

  6. Research Article

    A Version of Hilbert's 13th Problem for Infinitely Differentiable Functions

    In 1957, Kolmogorov and Arnold gave a solution to the 13th problem which had been formulated by Hilbert in 1900. Actually, it is known that there exist many open problems which can be derived from the original...

    Shigeo Akashi and Satoshi Kodama

    Fixed Point Theory and Applications 2010 2010:287647

    Published on: 14 March 2010

  7. Research Article

    Existence and Approximation of Fixed Points for Set-Valued Mappings

    Taking into account possibly inexact data, we study both existence and approximation of fixed points for certain set-valued mappings of contractive type. More precisely, we study the existence of convergent it...

    Simeon Reich and AlexanderJ Zaslavski

    Fixed Point Theory and Applications 2010 2010:351531

    Published on: 2 February 2010

  8. Research Article

    Fixed Point Theorem of Half-Continuous Mappings on Topological Vector Spaces

    Some fixed point theorems of half-continuous mappings which are possibly discontinuous defined on topological vector spaces are presented. The results generalize the work of Philippe Bich (2006) and several we...

    Imchit Termwuttipong and Thanatkrit Kaewtem

    Fixed Point Theory and Applications 2010 2010:814970

    Published on: 21 January 2010

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