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Resource-efficient wireless transmission schemes and protocols

  1. Research

    Resource allocation for clustered network MIMO OFDMA systems

    In this article, we address the resource allocation problem for the downlink of a large network multiple input multiple output orthogonal frequency division multiplexing system with 3-sector base stations. The...

    Jingya Li, Carmen Botella and Tommy Svensson

    EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking 2012 2012:175

    Published on: 18 May 2012

  2. Research

    Closed-form solution for minimizing power consumption in coordinated transmissions

    The growth in the demand of energy, and its consequent contribution to the greenhouse effect, gives rise to new challenges in the design of future wireless networks. Keeping in mind these requirements, in this...

    Qimei Cui, Bing Luo, Xueqing Huang, Alexis Dowhuszko and Jun Jiang

    EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking 2012 2012:122

    Published on: 27 March 2012

  3. Research

    Radio resource management for public femtocell networks

    With evolution and popularity of radio access technologies, the radio resource is becoming scarce. However, with fast-growing service demands, the future advanced wireless communication systems are expected to...

    Yizhe Li, Zhiyong Feng, Shi Chen, Yami Chen, Ding Xu, Ping Zhang and Qixun Zhang

    EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking 2011 2011:181

    Published on: 23 November 2011