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Advanced artificial intelligence in data science for Energy Informatics Systems (EIS)

Advanced analytical methods play an essential role in the age of big data. Many industries are making full use of big data after years of research and development, such as smart cities, public transportation, marketing campaigns, financial frauds detection, sports entertainment, and personal life. With the rapid development of smart grids, a lot of net metering and monitoring sensors have been deployed for collecting a large variety of data at an unbelievable granularity and volume. These vast data can be used to analyze the management mode of power consumption, enhance the safe operation control of the power grid, and improve the efficiency of the power grid. Therefore, it has become a significant challenge on how to manage and utilize the massive amounts of collected data in Energy Informatics Systems.

Guest Editors:
Prof. Yun Lin, Harbin Engineering University, China
Dr. Joey Tianyi Zhou, Institute of High Performance Computing, A*STAR, Singapore
Prof. Ya Tu, Harbin Engineering University, China
Prof. Yan Zhang, University of Oslo, Norway
Prof. Shiwen Mao, Auburn University, USA

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