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Collective Behaviors and Networks

The goal of this thematic series is to provide a discussion venue about recent advances in the study of networks applied to the dynamics of collective behaviors in social and technical systems. The series include contributions exploring the intersection between data-driven, network-based approaches and agent-based models of collective social behaviors. Particular attention is devoted to topics like group formation, evolution and group behavior analysis; modeling, tracking and forecasting dynamic groups in social and socio-technical systems; social simulation, cultural, opinion, and normative dynamics; and coevolution of network and behavior.

Edited by: Giovanni Luca Ciampaglia, Emilio Ferrara, Alessandro Flammini

  1. The goal of this thematic series is to provide a discussion venue about recent advances in the study of networks and their applications to the study of collective behavior in socio-technical systems. The serie...

    Authors: Giovanni Luca Ciampaglia, Emilio Ferrara and Alessandro Flammini
    Citation: EPJ Data Science 2014 3:37
  2. Communication through social media mediates coordination and information diffusion across a range of social settings. However, online networks are large and complex, and their analysis requires new methods to ...

    Authors: Sandra González-Bailón, Ning Wang and Javier Borge-Holthoefer
    Citation: EPJ Data Science 2014 3:32
  3. One might think that, compared to traditional media, social media sites allow people to choose more freely what to read and what to share, especially for politically oriented news. However, reading and sharing...

    Authors: Jisun An, Daniele Quercia, Meeyoung Cha, Krishna Gummadi and Jon Crowcroft
    Citation: EPJ Data Science 2014 3:12
  4. Social groups play a crucial role in online social media because they form the basis for user participation and engagement. Although widely studied in their static and evolutionary aspects, no much attention h...

    Authors: David Martin-Borregon, Luca Maria Aiello, Przemyslaw Grabowicz, Alejandro Jaimes and Ricardo Baeza-Yates
    Citation: EPJ Data Science 2014 3:8
  5. Wikipedia is a prime example of today’s value production in a collaborative environment. Using this example, we model the emergence, persistence and resolution of severe conflicts during collaboration by coupl...

    Authors: Gerardo Iñiguez, János Török, Taha Yasseri, Kimmo Kaski and János Kertész
    Citation: EPJ Data Science 2014 3:7
  6. Evolution of online social networks is driven by the need of their members to shareand consume content, resulting in a complex interplay between individual activity andattention received from others. In a cont...

    Authors: Carmen Vaca Ruiz, Luca Maria Aiello and Alejandro Jaimes
    Citation: EPJ Data Science 2014 3:5