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Cloud information technologies in education

The education industry is rapidly undergoing a digital transformation in a number of areas especially in its global reach and the efficiency of content delivery. Cloud information technology is powering this on-demand access to the learning community from a range of devices and platforms. This transformation is revolutionising traditional educational models with access to resources such as multimedia learning, cloud-based textbooks and much more to communicate and share educational resources.
Cloud Information Technology is estimated to be at the core of the education industry‚Äôs ongoing digital transformation  over the next few years. With cloud platforms being the key to mobility and accessibility, it is opening doors to new learning material and data resources as well as previously inaccessible forms of collaboration and revision.

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G. Ranganathan, Ranganathan Engineering College
Youssouf El Allioui, Universit√© Hassan 1er
Hui-Ming Wee, Chung Yuan Christian University
Joy long-Zong Chen, Dayeh University

  1. Cloud and IoT technologies have the potential to support applica- tions that are not strictly limited to technical fields. This paper shows how digital fabrication laboratories (Fab Labs) can leverage cloud te...

    Authors: Gianluca Cornetta, Javier Mateos, Abdellah Touhafi and Gabriel-Miro Muntean

    Citation: Journal of Cloud Computing 2019 8:12

    Content type: Research

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