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Cloud Computing and Big Data: Modelling and Simulation

Cloud computing has been widely used by the scientific community and in industry as users can benefit from computing infrastructures at low costs. Cloud computing’s adoption by industrial enterprises is increasing, however there are critical issues which require attention, such as security and trust, to ensure data integrity and confidentiality. There are also important issues that must be addressed in cloud computing, such as resource allocation and scheduling, performance, energy conservation, and reliability, protection of sensitive data, cost, availability, and quality of service. Effective management of cloud resources to balance power efficiency against system performance.

The term "big data" appears widely in science, business, biology, finance, etc. There are many big data applications and services, e.g. real-time systems monitoring, big healthcare data analytics, financial market activity monitoring. Appropriate systems and algorithms are required to deal efficiently with big data.

This thematic series presents state-of-the-art research covering concepts in cloud computing and big data, focused on the process of modelling, simulation and performance evaluation of these technologies.

Guest Editors:
Deepak Kumar Jain, Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China
Qin Xin, University of the Faroe Islands, Faroe Islands
Hong Lin, University of Houston Downtown, USA
Kehua Guo, School of Information Science and Engineering, Central South University Changsha, China

  1. In the current age of data explosion, the amount of data has reached incredible proportions. Digital image data constitute most of these data. With the development of science and technology, the demand for net...

    Authors: Jingyu Liu, Jing Wu, Linan Sun and Hailong Zhu

    Citation: Journal of Cloud Computing 2020 9:31

    Content type: Research

    Published on:

  2. A novel parallelization method of genetic algorithm (GA) solution of the Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP) is presented. The proposed method can considerably accelerate the solution of the equivalent TSP of man...

    Authors: Mahdi Abbasi, Milad Rafiee, Mohammad R. Khosravi, Alireza Jolfaei, Varun G. Menon and Javad Mokhtari Koushyar

    Citation: Journal of Cloud Computing 2020 9:6

    Content type: Research

    Published on:

  3. The study of exploring the internal connection between rail transit and land use is of great significance for the coordinated development of urban space and rail transit construction, and it is also important ...

    Authors: Quanhua Hou, Yaotian Xing, Di Wang, Jiachen Liu, Xiaoyang Fan and Yaqiong Duan

    Citation: Journal of Cloud Computing 2020 9:4

    Content type: Research

    Published on: