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  1. The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the need for a bedside tool for lung mechanics assessment and ventilator-induced lung injury (VILI) monitoring. Mechanical power is a unifying concept including all the comp...

    Authors: Angelo Senzi, Marco Bindi, Iacopo Cappellini, Lucia Zamidei and Guglielmo Consales

    Citation: Intensive Care Medicine Experimental 2021 9:6

    Content type: Letters to the Editor

    Published on:

  2. Lung ultrasound can adequately monitor disease severity in pneumonia and acute respiratory distress syndrome. We hypothesize lung ultrasound can adequately monitor COVID-19 pneumonia in critically ill patients.

    Authors: Micah L. A. Heldeweg, Jorge E. Lopez Matta, Mark E. Haaksma, Jasper M. Smit, Carlos V. Elzo Kraemer, Harm-Jan de Grooth, Evert de Jonge, Lilian J. Meijboom, Leo M. A. Heunks, David J. van Westerloo and Pieter R. Tuinman

    Citation: Intensive Care Medicine Experimental 2021 9:1

    Content type: Research Articles

    Published on:

  3. When severe, COVID-19 shares many clinical features with bacterial sepsis. Yet, secondary bacterial infection is uncommon. However, as epithelium is injured and barrier function is lost, bacterial products ent...

    Authors: Phatadon Sirivongrangson, Win Kulvichit, Sunchai Payungporn, Trairak Pisitkun, Ariya Chindamporn, Sadudee Peerapornratana, Prapaporn Pisitkun, Suwalak Chitcharoen, Vorthon Sawaswong, Navaporn Worasilchai, Sarinya Kampunya, Opass Putcharoen, Thammasak Thawitsri, Nophol Leelayuwatanakul, Napplika Kongpolprom, Vorakamol Phoophiboon…

    Citation: Intensive Care Medicine Experimental 2020 8:72

    Content type: Research Articles

    Published on:

  4. Intensive care unit workers are at high risk of acquiring COVID-19 infection, especially when performing invasive techniques and certain procedures that generate aerosols (< 5 μm). Therefore, one of the object...

    Authors: Dolores Escudero, José Antonio Boga, Javier Fernández, Lorena Forcelledo, Salvador Balboa, Rodrigo Albillos, Iván Astola, Emilio García-Prieto, Marta Elena Álvarez-Argüelles, Gabriel Martín, Josu Jiménez and Fernando Vázquez

    Citation: Intensive Care Medicine Experimental 2020 8:68

    Content type: Research

    Published on: