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Cancer-targeted imaging and therapy

  1. Cancer has been a serious threat to human health. Among drug delivery carriers, protein nanoparticles are unique because of their mild and environmentally friendly preparation methods. They also inherit desire...

    Authors: Yao Miao, Tao Yang, Shuxu Yang, Mingying Yang and Chuanbin Mao
    Citation: Nano Convergence 2022 9:2
  2. Modern medicine has been waging a war on cancer for nearly a century with no tangible end in sight. Cancer treatments have significantly progressed, but the need to increase specificity and decrease systemic t...

    Authors: Jessica A. Kemp and Young Jik Kwon
    Citation: Nano Convergence 2021 8:34
  3. Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is one of the most malignant tumors in the world, and patients with HCC face a poor prognosis. The conventional therapeutic strategies for HCC have undergone a challenge-riddled ...

    Authors: Tianxiu Dong, Jian Jiang, Hao Zhang, Hongyuan Liu, Xiaomeng Zou, Jiamei Niu, Yingxuan Mao, Mingwei Zhu, Xi Chen, Zizhuo Li, Yaodong Chen, Chunying Shi and Xiuhua Yang
    Citation: Nano Convergence 2021 8:29