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Functional Elastomers and their Composites

Edited by Kinsuk Naskar and Nikhil K. Singha (IIT Kharagpur, India)

Elastomers or rubbers are a special class of polymeric materials, which are characterized by large strain, low modulus extensibility, instantaneous and complete recoverability after removal of the load. Elastomers play a pivotal role in many diverse applications. Functional elastomeric materials and composites thereof are gaining importance recently. Because incorporation of functional moieties or functional additives into the conventional elastomers leads to many important applications, such as self-healing elastomers (SHE), shape-memory elastomers (SME), dielectric elastomers (DE), advanced elastomers in green tyre technology etc. Their development, detailed characterizations and various applications is the focus of this special collection in Functional Composite Materials.

Articles will undergo all of the journal's standard peer review and editorial processes outlined in its submission guidelines

  1. Silica is the rubber industry’s most essential and cost-effective reinforcing filler after carbon black. The silica reinforcement mechanism with a non-polar elastomer is complicated by the presence of polar fu...

    Authors: Jeevanandham Neethirajan, Arshad Rahman Parathodika, Guo-Hua Hu and Kinsuk Naskar
    Citation: Functional Composite Materials 2022 3:7
  2. Styrene–butadiene–Rubber, SBR, is most often used in tread compounds in order to improve the Rolling Resistance (RR). The functionalized SBRs are used to increase the polymer–filler interaction in the compound...

    Authors: Chigusa Yamada, Atsushi Yasumoto, Tadashi Matsushita and Anke Blume
    Citation: Functional Composite Materials 2022 3:6