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Family involvement and educational success of the children of immigrants in Europe. Comparative perspectives

  1. Content type: Editorial

    Recent literature has emphasised the importance of family involvement within immigrant families in determining their children’s educational pathways. On the one hand, the focus on family involvement and the tr...

    Authors: Philipp Schnell, Rosita Fibbi, Maurice Crul and Martha Montero-Sieburth

    Citation: Comparative Migration Studies 2015 3:14

    Published on:

  2. Content type: Original article

    This study is based on 86 in-depth interviews with second-generation people of Turkish and Moroccan background in the Netherlands who have achieved upward educational mobility. We used an inductive approach to...

    Authors: Sara Rezai, Maurice Crul, Sabine Severiens and Elif Keskiner

    Citation: Comparative Migration Studies 2015 3:12

    Published on:

  3. Content type: Original article

    Streaming into educational tracks forms a turning point in the school careers of young people living in the Netherlands and in France. Yet the two countries differ from each other with regards to tracking cond...

    Authors: Elif Keskiner

    Citation: Comparative Migration Studies 2015 3:9

    Published on: