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Intelligent Agent distributed signal processing for the Internet of Things

Intelligent Agent systems, such as mobile sensors, cameras, etc., have become an important branch of distributed processing for the Internet of Things. Because of its strong interactivity, robustness and scalability, it has been widely used in military, industrial, medical, transportation and other fields. The intelligent Agent system for the Internet of Things is a collection of intelligent terminals with signal processing and mobile capabilities. Among them, each intelligent terminal carries out signal transmission and distributed processing with other intelligent terminals. However, most existing communication architectures, including their signal processing protocols and control algorithms, are designed for centralized networks by default. It is impossible to directly upgrade the incumbent networks, in order to accommodate the incoming large-scale and fully distributed Internet of Things, without a complete re-design or re-invention of the topology control, or distributed signal processing methods. Meanwhile, theoretical researches on large-scale and distributed networks in existing literatures can barely satisfy the demand.

Edited by Yong Jin, Behnaz Ghoraani, Jianbin Qiu, Kaijian Xia

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