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The Future of National Infrastructure Systems and Economic Prosperity

This thematic series addresses the current gaps in understanding the link between infrastructure systems and economic prosperity, including challenging issues of the micro and macroeconomics of infrastructure from a variety of perspectives and the need to prioritize the appraisal of the economic case for infrastructure projects and programs.

Edited by: Jim Hall, Peter Tyler, Geoffrey Hewings

  1. To simultaneously address social equity and spatial equity, we develop a new type of preference modelling to distribute infrastructure resources that takes into account neighbourhood inequity effects. We compa...

    Authors: Arif Wismadi, Mark Brussel, Mark Zuidgeest and Martin van Maarseveen
    Citation: Infrastructure Complexity 2015 2:8
  2. The Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) infrastructure sector has dramatically expanded over the past decade as the demand for increased digital connectivity has increased from both companies and ...

    Authors: Edward Oughton, Peter Tyler and David Alderson
    Citation: Infrastructure Complexity 2015 2:6
  3. Investment in infrastructure is recognized as a key enabler of economic prosperity, but it is also important for addressing social and environmental challenges, including climate change mitigation and addressi...

    Authors: Timothy J Foxon, Catherine S E Bale, Jonathan Busch, Ruth Bush, Stephen Hall and Katy Roelich
    Citation: Infrastructure Complexity 2015 2:4