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50th Meeting of the Brazilian Dental Materials Group

  1. Self-etch adhesive systems are composed of various monomers, solvents, fillers, and initiators that make their molecular formulations quite complex. The intricate design involved in these systems has raised un...

    Authors: Sueli A Cardoso, Hellen L Oliveira, Eliseu A Münchow, Neftali LV Carreño, Alcides Gonini Junior and Evandro Piva
    Citation: Applied Adhesion Science 2014 2:26
  2. The aim of this study was to compare the bonding ability of a universal dental adhesive (Scotchbond Universal/SBU, 3 M ESPE) and other contemporary dental bonding agents applied to different substrates: enamel...

    Authors: Cristina P Isolan, Lisia L Valente, Eliseu A Münchow, Gabriela R Basso, Alice H Pimentel, Jülia K Schwantz, Andreza V da Silva and Rafael R Moraes
    Citation: Applied Adhesion Science 2014 2:25
  3. The exposure of dentin to the oral environment leads to dentinal sensitivity, the treatment of which exposes the substrate to various substances that can alter its interaction with adhesive restorative materia...

    Authors: Luciene Santana Andreatti, Murilo Baena Lopes, Ricardo Danil Guiraldo, Alvaro Henrique Borges, Maura Cristiane Orçati Dorilêo and Alcides Gonini
    Citation: Applied Adhesion Science 2014 2:24
  4. When introduced to the market, silorane-based materials promised less contraction compared to other materials. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the contraction stress, flexural strength, and elastic m...

    Authors: Murilo Baena Lopes, Amanda Daisy Serralvo, Klissia Romero Felizardo, Bruno Shindi Hirata, Ricardo Danil Guiraldo, Sandrine Bittencourt Berger, Alvaro Henrique Borges and Alcides Gonini Júnior
    Citation: Applied Adhesion Science 2014 2:23
  5. The aim of this study was to asses in vitro the potential of methacrylate-based adhesive resins containing niobium pentoxide (Nb2O5) for stimulating phosphate deposition. Adhesive resins were obtained by mixing 5...

    Authors: Fabrício Mezzomo Collares, Fernando Freitas Portella, Guilherme Casara da Silva Fraga, Samantha Mendes Semeunka, Lucas de Castro Bartelega Almeida, Emerson da Rosa Santos, Vicente Castelo Branco Leitune and Susana Maria Werner Samuel
    Citation: Applied Adhesion Science 2014 2:22