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Mixed Methods Research in Educational Technology in Higher Education

In the last three decades, mixed methods research (MMR) has considerably expanded in the social and behavioural sciences. MMR is defined as “research in which the investigator collects and analyses data, integrates the findings, and draws inferences using both qualitative and quantitative approaches or methods in a single study or program of inquiry” (Tashakkori & Creswell, 2007, p. 4).” On that basis, a growing number of scholars are emphasising the added value from using MMR, including, among other things, the opportunity to expand the breadth and depth of the social phenomena under investigation and to offset the weaknesses of one method with the advantages of the other. 

Accordingly, we have seen how researchers tailor the use of MMR to the needs and principles of each disciplinary field. In the case of educational technology in higher education, addressing how MMR is used will potentially help not only to foster this type of inquiry among researchers, but also to develop guidelines for exploiting its potential within this field. The purpose of this special issue is to highlight the use of MMR in the field of educational technology in higher education. It is expected that the selected papers will provide educational technology researchers with a better understanding of how to design and conduct MMR studies, as well as how the use of MMR will deepen understanding in their topics of inquiry.

Guest editors: Sergi Fàbregues, Nataliya V. Ivankova, Julio Meneses and José F. Molina-Azorin 


Creswell, J. W., & Tashakkori, A. (2007). Editorial: Developing publishable mixed methods manuscripts. Journal of Mixed Methods Research, 1(2), 107-111. 

  1. Research article

    The contributions of mixed insights to advancing technology-enhanced formative assessments within higher education learning environments: an illustrative example

    Technology-enhanced formative assessment (TEFA) represents strategies for improving student learning and motivation, yet researchers point to methodological issues underpinning claims of effectiveness. This mi...

    Cheryl Poth

    International Journal of Educational Technology in Higher Education 2018 15:9

    Published on: 30 January 2018