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Surface reactivity, mineralogy and environmental significance of Mn oxides

Prof Xionghan Feng, Wei Li, Dr Caroline Peacock, Prof Mengqiang Zhu

  1. Research article

    Interaction mechanisms and kinetics of ferrous ion and hexagonal birnessite in aqueous systems

    In soils and sediments, manganese oxides and oxygen usually participate in the oxidation of ferrous ions. There is limited information concerning the interaction process and mechanisms of ferrous ions and mang...

    Tianyu Gao, Yougang Shen, Zhaoheng Jia, Guohong Qiu, Fan Liu, Yashan Zhang, Xionghan Feng and Chongfa Cai

    Geochemical Transactions 2015 16:16

    Published on: 22 September 2015

  2. Research article

    Cryptomelane formation from nanocrystalline vernadite precursor: a high energy X-ray scattering and transmission electron microscopy perspective on reaction mechanisms

    Vernadite is a nanocrystalline and turbostratic phyllomanganate which is ubiquitous in the environment. Its layers are built of (MnO6)8− octahedra connected through their edges and frequently contain vacancies an...

    Sylvain Grangeon, Alejandro Fernandez-Martinez, Fabienne Warmont, Alexandre Gloter, Nicolas Marty, Agnieszka Poulain and Bruno Lanson

    Geochemical Transactions 2015 16:12

    Published on: 2 September 2015

  3. Research article

    Aerobic and anaerobic reduction of birnessite by a novel Dietzia strain

    Mn oxides occur in a wide variety of geological settings and exert considerable influences on the components and chemical behaviors of sediments and soils. Microbial reduction of Mn oxides is an important proc...

    Huiqin Zhang, Yan Li, Xin Wang, Anhuai Lu, Hongrui Ding, Cuiping Zeng, Xiao Wang, Xiaolei Wu, Yong Nie and Changqiu Wang

    Geochemical Transactions 2015 16:11

    Published on: 8 August 2015

  4. Research article

    Formation of todorokite from “c-disordered” H+-birnessites: the roles of average manganese oxidation state and interlayer cations

    Todorokite, a 3 × 3 tectomanganate, is one of three main manganese oxide minerals in marine nodules and can be used as an active MnO6 octahedral molecular sieve. The formation of todorokite is closely associated ...

    Huaiyan Zhao, Xinran Liang, Hui Yin, Fan Liu, Wenfeng Tan, Guohong Qiu and Xionghan Feng

    Geochemical Transactions 2015 16:8

    Published on: 15 July 2015