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Nanomaterials: Synthesis, processing, properties, and applications

The last decade has seen an explosion of interest in the area of nanomaterials. Be it laptops, smart phones, cancer diagnostics, pollution control, or technology to combat deadly viruses – nanomaterials are being explored for use in these areas and the number of commercial products exploiting nanomaterials is increasing by the day.

This topical collection seeks to provide a venue not only for the ongoing experimental research in nanomaterials but also theoretical research that elucidates nanomaterials and their properties. Manuscripts presenting high quality original research and reviews articles in all areas of nanomaterials research are welcomed.

  1. Calcium fluoride (CaF2) is widely used for different bio applications ranging from biomedical imaging to cell labeling. The biocompatible properties of CaF2 combined with superior mechanical properties of titaniu...

    Authors: A. Ritwik and K. K. Saju
    Citation: International Journal of Mechanical and Materials Engineering 2021 16:7