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Nanomaterials Mediated Remediation of Polluted Soils and Water bodies

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This is an article collection published in Ecological Processes.

Guest Editors

Dr. Vishnu D. Rajput, Academy of Biology and Biotechnology, Southern Federal University, Russia
Dr. Kandasamy Saravanakumar, Kangwon National University, Chuncheon, South Korea
Prof. Dr. Eric D van Hullebusch, Université Paris Cité, Paris, France

About the Special Issue

Burgeoning population, urbanization and industrial development have generated considerable amount of contaminants in soil-water-plant-animal continuum, demonstrating a menace for the ecosystem and human health. Taking up this unprecedented challenge and looking at the available feasible smart options, nanotechnology has emerged as an emerging science that could be employed with much confidence and consistency. This newly developed strategy based on the use of versatile nanomaterials has received a significant interest around the world, especially cleanup soils and water bodies.

Thus, in this special issue, the feasible nanomaterial mediated remediation approaches, opted by various leading world scientists, will be included to provide insights into an enhanced decontamination efficiency. The positive impacts of nanomaterials on plant growth and performance as well as enhancing microbial functionality are explored in earlier findings; however, concerns on nanomaterials excess input in environment are also raised. The research topics will cover the larger extent of novel, innovative recent techniques to sustain soils and water bodies for sustainable agriculture and ecosystem management to meet human’s increasing requirements for food and other ecosystem services.

Original research papers, reviews, and short communications will be included dealing with various types of nanomaterials to improve growth and biomass of hyperaccumulator plants to accumulate high amount of pollutants, increases in microbial functionality, pollutant degradation, nanomaterial + plant + soil interaction, nanomaterials, metal organic framework and activated carbon for water and soil pollutant elimination, soil health and water quality improvement, fate of nanomaterials in soil and water bodies.

Keywords: Carbon; Ecological damage; Food security; Microbial remediation; Nanotechnology; Phytoremediation; Pollution; Sustainable agriculture; Wastes

Submission deadline: 31 March 2023

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