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Polymer Sciences

Edited by: Dr Samuel Bernard, Dr Noa Cohen and Dr Youssef Habibi

Articles published in the Polymer Sciences Collection are linked to the subscription journal Polymer Bulletin. This Collection provides our authors with an Open Access forum for the publication of scientifically valuable manuscripts.

The Polymer Sciences Collection spans the whole organic / inorganic spectrum: the majority is synthetic organic (bio)polymers and the remaining are inorganic ones. The Collection is focused on the chemistry (design and chemical synthesis of polymers, self-assembly, chemical modification of synthetic and bio-based polymers and their properties), characterization, processing, modelling, compounding and shaping (coatings, fibers) and engineering applications of (bio)polymers (for example, for sensing, energy storage, automotive, packaging, medical and electronics applications) as well as ceramic precursors (inorganic polymers including organosilicon and organoboron polymers as well as metallopolymers).

All manuscripts are subject to rigorous peer reviews for their suitability of publication in SpringerPlus.

Submission Instructions:

If your manuscript meets the aims and scope of this individual Collection, please first follow all of the SpringerPlus Submission Guidelines.

During submission, at the "Additional Information" section, please select that you are submitting to an Article Collection, and choose “Polymer Sciences” from the list.

Collection Articles: