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Recent Advances in PDE and Their Applications

This special issue is devoted to the publication of high-quality research papers presented at ICAAM-2016 in the fields of the construction and investigation of solutions of well-posed and ill-posed boundary value problems for partial differential equations and their related applications.

Edited by: Ravi P. Agarwal, Allaberen Ashyralyev and Tynysbek Sh. Kalmenov

  1. In this paper, we reduce a linear d-dimensional beam equation with an x-periodic and t-quasi-periodic potential for most values of the frequency vector via the KAM theorem. We focus on the measure estimates of sm...

    Authors: Jie Rui and Bingchen Liu
    Citation: Boundary Value Problems 2017 2017:82
  2. Using a fixed point theorem of cone expansion and compression of norm type and a new method to deal with the impulsive term, we prove that the second-order singular impulsive Neumann boundary value problem has...

    Authors: Minmin Wang and Meiqiang Feng
    Citation: Boundary Value Problems 2017 2017:50
  3. The aim of this paper is developing conditions that guarantee the existence of a solution to a toppled system of differential equations of noninteger order with fractional integral boundary conditions where th...

    Authors: Amjad Ali, Bessem Samet, Kamal Shah and Rahmat Ali Khan
    Citation: Boundary Value Problems 2017 2017:16
  4. In this paper the classical Hill problem with complex potentials are extended to the star graph. The definition of the Hill operator on such graph is discussed. The operator is defined with complex, periodic p...

    Authors: Rakib F Efendiev, Hamzaga D Orudzhev and Zaki FA El-Raheem
    Citation: Boundary Value Problems 2016 2016:215
  5. In this paper, we are concerned with the general decay result of the quasi-linear wave equation for Kirchhoff type containing Balakrishnan-Taylor damping with a delay in the boundary feedback and acoustic boun...

    Authors: Mi Jin Lee, Daewook Kim and Jong Yeoul Park
    Citation: Boundary Value Problems 2016 2016:173
  6. The uniqueness of positive solution for a class of singular fractional differential system with integral boundary conditions is considered in this paper and many types of equation system are contained in this ...

    Authors: Limin Guo, Lishan Liu and Yonghong Wu
    Citation: Boundary Value Problems 2016 2016:147