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Series PASS

In 2017, ten waves of the Panel Study “Labour Market and Social Security” (PASS) will be available to researchers interested in labour market, social policy and poverty research all over the world. In order to celebrate this anniversary, we are inviting submissions for papers to be presented at the 2nd User Conference. The conference aims at bringing together researchers from sociology, economics and survey methodology and at fostering exchange between data users. Papers should be based on data from the PASS panel survey. They may address research questions in any of the areas that PASS is designed to investigate (e.g. labour market research, poverty research, social policy research) as well as methodological questions.

Edited by:
Katrin Auspurg (LMU Munich, Germany),
Iris Kesternich (University of Leuven, Belgium),
Stefanie Gundert (Institute for Employment Research, Nürnberg, Germany),
Mark Trappmann (University of Bamberg, Germany)

  1. Studies show that the unemployed face serious disadvantages in the labour market and that the social stigma of unemployment is one explanation. In this paper, we focus on the unemployed’s expectations of being...

    Authors: Gerhard Krug, Katrin Drasch and Monika Jungbauer-Gans
    Citation: Journal for Labour Market Research 2019 53:11
  2. In many advanced welfare states, welfare recipients often receive benefits for long periods. This persistence of welfare receipt can be caused by two distinct mechanisms: genuine or spurious state dependence. ...

    Authors: Kerstin Bruckmeier, Katrin Hohmeyer and Stefan Schwarz
    Citation: Journal for Labour Market Research 2018 52:16
  3. The German workfare scheme ‘One-Euro-Jobs’, which provides additional jobs of public interest for welfare recipients, has a number of different goals. On the one hand, One-Euro-Jobs are intended to increase th...

    Authors: Katrin Hohmeyer and Joachim Wolff
    Citation: Journal for Labour Market Research 2018 52:11