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Shape, Form and Patterns in Medicine, Biotechnology and Materials Science

This special issue is devoted to the mathematical modeling, simulation and analysis of data, shape and form in problems of Biology, Medicine and Materials Science. Among others, the volume gathers contributions presented at the ECMI International Conference held online in April 13-15 2021, and in the minisymposium organized by the Special Interest Group "Shape and Size in Medicine, Biotechnology and Materials Science". 

The topics covered in this volume emphasize challenging academic and industrial problems that can be classified as direct and inverse problems. Direct problems in these sciences are typically dealt with by modeling, numerical simulation and analysis, and often include study of pattern formation. Inverse problems include statistical techniques of shape analysis that are used to measure in a quantitative way the random variability of objects; recent methods of image analysis include optical imaging of objects in turbid media, which can be used as a non-invasive technique for the detection of tumors in the body. Also covered by the special interest group responsible for editing this volume are hierarchical image analysis in Materials Science, data processing and reduced-order models, microstructure variability, topological data analysis of molecules for drug discovery, embryogenesis and to characterize cancer types, cell signaling in angiogenesis and cytoplasm.

Additional details and Call for Papers can be found here.

  1. We develop a methodology for classifying defects based on their morphology and induced mechanical response. The proposed approach is fairly general and relies on morphological operators (Angulo and Meyer in 9t...

    Authors: Hugo Launay, Fran├žois Willot, David Ryckelynck and Jacques Besson

    Citation: Journal of Mathematics in Industry 2021 11:18

    Content type: Research

    Published on: