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Smart Nanomaterials

Edited by Anna Baldycheva, University of Exeter (UK)

Smart nanomaterials are the basis of diverse emerging applications, including wearable and printed Electronics, CMOS photonics, quantum computing, artificial intelligence, optogenetics, smart coatings and thin films. This collection in Nanoscale Research Letters focuses on the most recent scientific and technological advances, innovations and new practical applications of novel smart nanomaterials. It covers topics ranging from advances in the most critical aspects in chemistry and material fabrication of nanomaterials, to the engineering of prototype devices and systems.

  1. Content type: Nano Express

    The content of nitrogen-vacancy (NV) colour centres in the nanodiamonds (DNDs) produced during the detonation of nitrogen-containing explosives was found to be 1.1 ± 0.3 ppm. This value is impressive for nanodia...

    Authors: Vladimir Yu. Osipov, François Treussart, Soroush Abbasi Zargaleh, Kazuyuki Takai, Fedor M. Shakhov, Benjamin T. Hogan and Anna Baldycheva

    Citation: Nanoscale Research Letters 2019 14:279

    Published on:

  2. Content type: Nano Express

    In this study, we propose a one-drop self-assembly method, which proved capable of successfully preparing 4-N, N-dimethylamino-4′-N′-methyl-stilbazolium tosylate (DAST) single-crystalline nanowires (NWs). The ...

    Authors: Tian Tian, Bin Cai, Qingqing Cheng, Cheng Fan, Yanyan Wang, Gongjie Xu, Fuxing Gu, Feng Liao, Okihiro Sugihara, Eiji Hase and Takeshi Yasui

    Citation: Nanoscale Research Letters 2019 14:269

    Published on:

  3. Content type: Nano Review

    Driven by applications in chemical sensing, biological imaging and material characterisation, Raman spectroscopies are attracting growing interest from a variety of scientific disciplines. The Raman effect ori...

    Authors: Robin R. Jones, David C. Hooper, Liwu Zhang, Daniel Wolverson and Ventsislav K. Valev

    Citation: Nanoscale Research Letters 2019 14:231

    Published on:

  4. Content type: Nano Express

    Time-resolved terahertz spectroscopy has become a common method both for fundamental and applied studies focused on improving the quality of human life. However, the issue of finding materials applicable in th...

    Authors: Maria O. Zhukova, Benjamin T. Hogan, Egor N. Oparin, Polina S. Shaban, Yaroslav V. Grachev, Evgeniya Kovalska, Kieran K. Walsh, Monica F. Craciun, Anna Baldycheva and Anton N. Tcypkin

    Citation: Nanoscale Research Letters 2019 14:225

    Published on:

  5. Content type: Nano Review

    Fibers are ubiquitous and usually passive. Optoelectronics realized in a fiber could revolutionize multiple application areas, including biosynthetic and wearable electronics, environmental sensing, and energy...

    Authors: Camila Faccini de Lima, Louis A. van der Elst, Veda Narayana Koraganji, Mengxin Zheng, Merve Gokce Kurtoglu and Alexander Gumennik

    Citation: Nanoscale Research Letters 2019 14:209

    Published on:

  6. Content type: Nano Express

    Small interfering RNA (siRNA)-based gene therapy has provided an alternative strategy for cancer therapy. One of the key components within gene therapy process is the delivery system. As a novel non-viral gene...

    Authors: Yongping Lu, Lei Zhong, Zhongliang Jiang, Haixia Pan, Yuanfa Zhang, Guonian Zhu, Lan Bai, Rongsheng Tong, Jianyou Shi and Xingmei Duan

    Citation: Nanoscale Research Letters 2019 14:193

    Published on:

  7. Content type: Nano Express

    Deep ultraviolet AlGaN-based nanorod (NR) arrays were fabricated by nanoimprint lithography and top-down dry etching techniques from a fully structural LED wafer. Highly ordered periodic structural properties ...

    Authors: Shucheng Ge, Jiangping Dai, Na Gao, Shiqiang Lu, Penggang Li, Kai Huang, Bin Liu, Junyong Kang, Rong Zhang and Youdou Zheng

    Citation: Nanoscale Research Letters 2019 14:170

    Published on: