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Open Access Research: Industrial Engineering

Applied Petrochemical ResearchNew Content Item

Hamid A. Almegren, King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST), Saudi Arabia
Arno de Klerk, University of Alberta, Canada

This journal publishes original applied research on all aspects of the petrochemical industry, focusing on new and smart technologies that allow the production of value-added end products in a cost-effective way. 

Featured article: Comparative investigation on radical polymerization of methyl and ethyl methacrylate under multi-site phase-transfer catalytic conditions

Bioresources and BioprocessingNew Content Item

Editor-in-Chief: Jian-He Xu, East China University of Science and Technology, China
Society Affiliation: State Key Laboratory of Bioreactor Engineering

Bioresources and Bioprocessing aims at providing an international academic platform for exchanging views on and promoting research to support bioresource development, processing and utilization in a sustainable manner. 

Featured article: Exploring the full natural diversity of single amino acid exchange reveals that 40–60% of BSLA positions improve organic solvents resistance

International Journal of Industrial ChemistryNew Content Item

Editor-in-Chief: Hassan Ali Zamani, Islamic Azad University, Iran
Society Affiliation: Islamic Azad University

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The journal brings together multidisciplinary interests in one journal and is to disseminate information on all aspects of research and development in industrial chemistry. 

Featured article: Characterization and in vitro release kinetics of antimalarials from whey protein-based hydrogel biocomposites