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Chocolate Day 2018


Celebrating chocolate through our scientific research

Chocolate Day is celebrated globally, every year on 7 July. To mark this day, we have handpicked a selection of articles from our open access journals - from analyzing cacao seeds as "Super Fruit" ingredients, to investigating the effects of chocolate milk as a recovery beverage among soccer players.  

We hope you enjoy reading our work!

Chemistry Central Journal

Article highlight:

Cacao seeds are a "Super Fruit": A comparative analysis of various fruit powders and products 

Authors: Stephen J Crozier, Amy G Preston, Jeffrey W Hurst, Mark J Payne, Julie Mann, Larry Hainly and Debra L Miller
Chemistry Central Journal
Article accesses: 82190 | Citations: 34 | Mencocoa1tioned in 17 international news

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choco-gratedAlso featured

Impact of fermentation, drying, roasting and Dutch processing on flavan-3-ol stereochemistry in cacao beans and cocoa ingredients

Authors: W Jeffrey Hurst, Susann H Krake, Stephen C Bergmeier, Mark J Payne, Kenneth B Miller and David A Stuart
Chemistry Central Journal
Article accesses: 16290 | Citations: 24

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New Content ItemAlso featured

Comparison of antioxidant activity and flavanol content of cacao beans processed by modern and traditional Mesoamerican methods

Authors: Elizabeth Chin, Kenneth B Miller, Mark J Payne, W Jeffery Hurst and David A Stuart
Heritage Science
Article accesses: 27425

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