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Earth Perspectives

Ghassem Asrar Pacific Nothwest National Laboratory, USA 
Michael Schaepman University of Zurich, Switzerland

The journal builds on the scientific foundation established by the Earth System Sciences studies that have enabled a major focus on interactions among the major Earth system spheres (i.e. litho-, hydro-, bio-, atmosphere).

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Earth, Planets and Space

Editor-in-Chief: Yasuo Ogawa, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
Society Affiliations: 
The Society of Geomagnetism and Earth, Planetary and Space Sciences
The Seismological Society of Japan
The Volcanological Society of Japan
The Geodetic Society of Japan
The Japanese Society for Planetary Sciences


Earth, Planets and Space covers scientific articles in Earth and Planetary Sciences, particularly geomagnetism, aeronomy, space science, seismology, volcanology, geodesy, and planetary science.

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Earthquake Science

Editor-in-Chief: Yuntai Chen, Institute of Geophysics, China Earthquake Administration, China

This journal discusses differences of scientific points of view in seismology; present status and significant advances in seismology research; relevant comments and discussion; recent trends of science and technology in seismology, and more

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Geoscience Letters

Editor-in-Chief: Kenji Satake, The University of Tokyo, Japan
Society Affiliation: Asia Oceania Geosciences Society (AOGS)

This journal focuses on cutting-edge fundamental and applied research in the broad field of the geosciences, including the applications of geoscience research to societal problems. 

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Journal of Applied Volcanology

Editor-in-Chief: Graham Leonard, GNS Science/Massey University, New Zealand

Journal of Applied Volcanology is an international journal with a focus on applied research relating to volcanism and particularly its societal impacts. 

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Progress in Earth and Planetary Science

General Chief Editor: Yasufumi Iryu, Tohoku University, Japan
Society Affiliation: Japan Geoscience Union

This international journal is devoted to high-quality original articles, reviews and data papers in the research fields of space and planetary sciences, atmospheric and hydrospheric sciences, human geosciences, solid earth sciences, and biogeosciences.