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Everything you need to know about Environmental Science

We have invited some of our editors to share their thoughts on the progress of research in Plants, Trees and Forests, Sustainability and Sustainable Energy, Pollution, and Environmental & Climate Literacy.

Forests and the Environment – a Perspective from New Zealand

We are delighted to welcome Dr. Ruth Falshaw, the Editor-in-Chief of New Zealand Journal of Forestry Science, again to talk about the environmental benefit of forests, from the perspective of New Zealand. [Read more] 

New Content ItemForest Ecosystems

Klaus v. Gadow, Editor-in-Chief, and Li Hui, Managing Editor of Forest Ecosystems tell us how forests offer massive potential for research that benefits both the general public and other scientists, for the Earth Week 2017. [Read more]

New Content ItemUsing the “Natural History Large Hadron Collider” to tell us about plant diversity

In this blog we invited Sandra Knapp, a plant taxonomist at the Natural History Museum in London, to talk about the study and the importance of herbaria, which she regards as the “CERN of natural history”. [Read more]

New Content ItemHow Might Food Crops be Protected in the Face of Climate Change?

The Editor of BMC Plant Biology celebrates the Earth Day (22 April) by highlighting research into a major issue brought on by climate change - drought and how it affects food crops. [Read more]

New Content ItemGuest Editorial: Special Issue on Low-Carbon Electricity

We are honored to welcome the Guest Editor-in-Chief of the special issue for the Journal of Modern Power Systems and Clean Energy to talk about how "Low-Carbon Electricity" can help save our planet. [Read more]

New Content ItemThe Challenges of Rice Sustainability: the Increasing World’s Population and Climate Change

The Editor-in-Chief of Rice talks about the challenges of maintaining rice sustainability, one of the world's major staple foods. [Read more]

New Content ItemContribution of Chemical and Biological Technologies in Agriculture to Earth Day

In this blog, Alessandro Piccolo, Editor-in-Chief of Chemical and Biological Technologies in Agriculture, tells us how this industry can be improved so as to protect the quality of the environment and mitigate climate change. [Read more] 

New Content ItemThe Importance Open Access in Creating a Sustainable Society

Daniela Thrän, the Editor-in-Chief of Energy, Sustainability and Society shares her thoughts on finding sustainable solutions for the next generations and how open access helps spread research on maintaining a sustainable society. [Read more]

New Content ItemEuropean Transport Research Review’s Contribution to Earth Day

Professor Karst Geurs, the Editor-in-Chief of European Transport Research Review explains how transportation benefits society, but also has a negative effect on us and the environment. [Read more]

New Content ItemLatin American Economic Review on Air Pollution

Erica Gordon-Mallin, our Journal Development Editor, tells us how Mexicans are handling this environmental issue and how much they are willing to pay to tackle this problem. [Read more] 

New Content ItemEmpowering Climate Literacy by Open Access to Research Results

Georgii Alexandrov, the Editor-in-Chief of Carbon Balance and Management tells us how researchers empower us with knowledge about environmental protection. [Read more]

New Content ItemUnlocking Sustainability Literacy: the Contribution of the Brazilian Journal of Science and Technology

Professor Walter Leal Filho, founding Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Charbel José Chiappetta Jabbour, Deputy Editor, and Dr. Vinicius Amorim Sobreiro, member of the Editorial Advisory Board, from the Brazilian Journal of Science and Technology tell us how important sustainability literacy is in moving sustainable development goals forward. [Read more]

New Content ItemEnvironmental Sciences: Open Access for an Open Issue

Paola Teti, our Journal Development Manager, Roberto Garbero and Jan Margulies, our Journal Development Editors tell us how open access helps promote environmental literacy by disseminating sustainability and environmental science research to the public. [Read more]

New Content ItemEngaging and Educating the Public on Environmental Science

We are delighted to have Dr Srimathy Sriskantharajah, the Associate Publisher of Life Sciences, and Chris McEntee, Journal Development Editor, to wrap up the Earth Week 2017 by telling us how important engaging and educating the community is when it comes to protecting our environment. [Read more]

New Content ItemBioMed Central and SpringerOpen: an open environment for environmental research

To celebrate World Earth Week, Journal Development Editor, Chris McEntee, highlights some of the journals in BioMed Central and Springer Open’s ever growing portfolio of environmental science journals. [Read more]