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Understanding the Environment

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How well do you understand what’s going on in the environment and what can be done to protect it? This infographic connected with our recent research will give you a wider picture. Click to enlarge.

From clockwise:

New Content ItemNew technology can improve the efficiency and performance of solar power cells

from Nano-Micro Letters

New Content ItemClimate change strategies can be strengthened by combining native knowledge with modern forecasting methods

from Pastoralism

New Content ItemUsing herbicides on resistant crops reduces plant and animal biodiversity

from Environmental Sciences Europe

New Content ItemTree cultivation can diversify and increase farm income

from Environmental Systems Research

New Content Item (1)Recycling products can reduce greenhouse gas emissions 

from Carbon Balance and Management

New Content ItemDifferent environmental strategies should be created to enhance the engagement of villagers in ecological conservation behavior and waste management behavior 

from Life Sciences, Society and Policy

New Content ItemRemoving nanoparticles from wastewater can reduce contamination when it returns to the environment 

from Chemistry Central Journal

New Content ItemGroundwater pollution reduces options for drinkable water sources 

from Geochemical Transactions

New Content ItemThere is a need to conserve water in agricultural processes, e.g. olive oil production 

from Chemistry Central Journal

New Content ItemUsing green methods to extract oil from seeds can reduce energy consumption 

from Chemistry Central Journal

New Content ItemCarbon emissions can be offset by carbon uptake from mature forests 

from Carbon Balance and Management

New Content ItemGreen taxation can act as a deterrent to environmental degradation 

from Environmental Systems Research