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Selected by the International Journal of Concrete Structures and Materials Editorial Team and published in 2016

A Review on Structural Behavior, Design, and Application of Ultra-High-Performance Fiber-Reinforced Concrete

An overall review of the structural behaviors of ultra-high-performance fiber-reinforced concrete (UHPFRC) elements subjected to various loading conditions needs to be conducted to prevent duplicate research and to promote its practical applications...

by Doo-Yeol Yoo and Young-Soo Yoon

Ultra-High Performance Concrete: Mechanical Performance, Durability, Sustainability and Implementation Challenges

In this study, an extensive literature review has been conducted on the material characterization of UHPC and its potential for large-scale field applicability. The successful production of ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC) depends on its material ingredients and mixture proportioning,...

by S. Abbas, M. L. Nehdi and M. A. Saleem

Modeling of RC Frame Buildings for Progressive Collapse Analysis

The progressive collapse analysis of reinforced concrete (RC) moment-frame buildings under extreme loads is discussed from the perspective of modeling issues. A threat-independent approach or the alternate path method forms the basis of the simulations wherein the extreme event is modeled via column removal scenarios...

by Floriana Petrone, Li Shan and Sashi K. Kunnath

Hot topic: Fire Protection for Buildings

New Content Item

New Content Item The affordable home smoke alarm, Lyman Blackwell- 2015 DiNenno Prize winner

The 2015 Philip J. DiNenno Prize was awarded for the affordable home smoke alarm. This technology developed and implemented by Lyman L. Blackwell and Duane D. Pearsall paved the way for installation of smoke a...

Craig Beyler, David Lucht, Margaret McNamee, Peter Johnson and Chris Dubay

Fire Science Reviews

New Content ItemEffect of Wall Thickness on Thermal Behaviors of RC Walls Under Fire Conditions

The objective of this paper is to investigate the effect of thickness and moisture on temperature distributions of reinforced concrete walls under fire conditions. Toward this goal, the first three wall specimens...

Jiyeon Kang, Hyunah Yoon, Woosuk Kim, Venkatesh Kodur,  Yeongsoo Shin, Heesun Kim

International Journal of Concrete Structures and Materials

New Content Item Behavior of reinforcement SCC beams under elevated temperatures

This experimental study focuses on the behavior of heated reinforced concrete beams. Four types of concrete mixtures were used for the tested self-compacting concrete beams. A total of 72 reinforced concrete...

Hamoon Fathi, Kianoosh Farhang

International Journal of Advanced Structural Engineering

New Content Item Effect of Elevated Temperature on Mechanical Properties of Limestone, Quartzite and Granite Concrete

Although concrete is a noncombustible material, high temperatures such as those experienced during a fire have a negative effect on the mechanical properties. This paper studies the effect of elevated temperatures...

Muhammad Tufail, Khan Shahzada, Bora Gencturk, Jianqiang Wei

International Journal of Concrete Structures and Materials

New Content ItemSummary of the fire protection foundation report - fire safety challenges of tall wood buildings

Buildings constructed from engineered timber are becoming more prevalent globally as building designers, owners and architects realize the sustainability opportunities with timber construction and the overall ...

David Barber and Robert Gerard

Fire Science Reviews  

New Content ItemFRP Confinement of Heat-Damaged Circular RC Columns

To investigate the effectiveness of using fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) sheets in confining heat-damaged columns, 15 circular RC column specimens were tested under axial compression. The effects of heating duration...

Hanan Suliman Al-Nimry, Aseel Mohammad Ghanem

International Journal of Concrete Structures and Materials

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