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Our open access Journals in Energy cover topics such as Renewable and Sustainable Energy, and Modern Power Systems to name a few. Publishing with SpringerOpen makes your work freely available online for everyone, immediately upon publication, and our high-level peer-review and production processes guarantee the quality and reliability of the work.

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Article Collections - Hot Topics in Energy

Energy transition

New Content ItemAre decisions well supported for the energy transition? A review on modeling approaches for renewable energy policy evaluation

This study reviews energy policy evaluation approaches on their capability to estimate a successful implementation of renewable energy policies. This is predominantly done via energy system modeling and analysis... 

Thomas Horschig and Daniela Thrän

Energy, Sustainability and Society

New Content ItemThe role of bioenergy in the German “Energiewende”—whose demands can be satisfied by bioenergy?

The transformation of the energy system and especially the electricity system into a renewable-based system requires systemic changes of the different system components. The planned progressive decommissioning...

Eva Hauser and Bernhard Wern

Energy, Sustainability and Society

New Content ItemEnjoying the outdoor pool in a cold climate

The harsh climate of the North Atlantic, the harnessing of geothermal resources has transformed everyday practices in terms of heat and cold. But the transformation did not occur through adoption of readymade generic technological solutions but through an interplay of social, political... 

Örn D. Jónsson and Ólafur Rastrick

Geothermal Energy

New Content ItemGovernance of energy transitions: about inclusion and closure in complex sociotechnical problems

When societies are faced with complex technological problems such as energy transitions, two basic approaches to governance are usually mobilized. On the one hand, there are methods that emphasize the need for...

Govert Valkenburg and Giancarlo Cotella

Energy, Sustainability and Society

New Content ItemSwiss pumped hydro storage potential for Germany’s electricity system under high penetration of intermittent renewable energy

In order to cut greenhouse-gas emissions and increase energy security, the European Commission stimulates the deployment of intermittent renewable energy sources (IRES) towards 2050. In an electricity system...

Aagje J. H. van MEERWIJK, René M. J. BENDERS, Alejandro DAVILA-MARTINEZ and Gideon A. H. LAUGS

Journal of Modern Power Systems and Clean Energy

New Content ItemSimulation analysis on policy interaction effects between emission trading and renewable energy subsidy

Greenhouse gas emission regulation and renewable energy promotion policies have been implemented in many countries. Yet these two kinds of regulation policies have complex interactions between each other, and ...

Jie Huang, Feng Xue and Xiaofang Song

Journal of Modern Power Systems and Clean Energy

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Renewable energy in developing and emerging countries

New Content ItemAn integrated ecosystem incorporating renewable energy leading to pollution reduction for sustainable development of craft villages in rural area: a case study at sedge mats village in Mekong Delta, Vietnam

The sedge mats (dyeing, weaving processes, and small-scale livestock farm at the same place) craft villages in the Mekong Delta (Vietnam) are the most popular craft villages in Vietnam, especially in the Mekong...

Thanh Hai Le, Van Thanh Tran, Quoc Vi Le, Thi Phuong Thao Nguyen, Hans Schnitzer and Gerhart Braunegg

Energy, Sustainability and Society

New Content ItemStatistical scrutiny of Weibull parameters for wind energy potential appraisal in the area of northern Ethiopia

Wind is one of the unlimited renewable energy resources which can provide with significant units of energy to bear the requirements of a nation. It is renowned that wind energy has stood out as...

K. Shiva Prashanth Kumar, and Satyanarayana Gaddada

Renewables: Wind, Water, and Solar

New Content ItemAssessing the energy justice implications of bioenergy development in Nepal

The emerging concept of energy justice has focused on the justice implications of conventional energy systems (oil, gas, coal, etc.). Instead, we focus on the meaning of energy justice in the context of unconventional energy systems, by investigating...

Caroline Damgaard, Darren McCauley and Jed Long

Energy, Sustainability and Society

New Content ItemGeothermal energy from the Main Karoo Basin? New insights from borehole KWV-1 (Eastern Cape, South Africa)

Deep sedimentary basins are currently being assessed globally with respect to their geothermal energy resources. So far, the utilization of deep geothermal energy has not been addressed or included in any renewable energy...

Stuart A. Campbell, Philipp Mielke and Annette E. Götz

Geothermal Energy

New Content ItemRenewable energy, energy efficiency, and eco-friendly environment (R-E5) in Nigeria

Renewable energy (RE) has been talked about ... decline. This study explores the linkages between renewable energy and energy efficiency in ensuring an eco-friendly environment in Nigeria. Four independent...

Joshua Sunday Riti, and Yang Shu

Energy, Sustainability and Society

New Content ItemDesigning a nation-wide network of solar and wind-assisted parks for Nigeria and for Ghana

The further development of sub-Saharan Africa is hinged on the possibility of the provision of uninterrupted power supply. Agriculture, education, and the economy, in general, are greatly...

Eugene C. X. Ikejemba and Peter C. Schuur

International Journal of Energy and Environmental Engineering

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New Content Item 

Impact of increased wind power generation on subsynchronous resonance of turbine-generator units

Response surface method for assessing energy production from geopressured geothermal reservoirs

Frequency-based control of islanded microgrid with renewable energy sources and energy storage

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Energy storage  ​​​​​​​                                             

New Content Item Optimal control and management of a large-scale battery energy storage system to mitigate fluctuation and intermittence of renewable generations

Battery energy storage system (BESS) is one of the effective technologies to deal with power fluctuation and intermittence resulting from grid integration of large renewable generations. In this paper, the ...

Xiangjun LI, Liangzhong YAO and Dong HUI

Journal of Modern Power Systems and Clean Energy

New Content ItemChallenges and progresses of energy storage technology and its application in power systems

As a flexible power source, energy storage has many potential applications in renewable energy generation grid integration, power transmission and distribution, distributed generation, microgrid and... 

Liangzhong YAO, Bo YANG, Hongfen CUI, Jun ZHUANG, Jilei YE and Jinhua XUE

Journal of Modern Power Systems and Clean Energy

New Content ItemImpact of increased wind power generation on subsynchronous resonance of turbine-generator units

With more and more wind power generation integrated into power grids to replace the conventional turbine-generator (T-G) units, how the subsynchronous resonance (SSR) of conventional T-G units is affected...

Jing LI and Xiao-Ping ZHANG

Journal of Modern Power Systems and Clean Energy

New Content ItemCost reduction of a hybrid energy storage system considering correlation between wind and PV power

A hybrid energy storage system (HESS) plays an important role in balancing the cost with the performance in terms of stabilizing the fluctuant power of wind farms and photovoltaic (PV) stations. To further...

Lin Feng, Jingning Zhang, Guojie Li and Bangling Zhang

Protection and Control of Modern Power Systems

New Content Item Effects of various types of graphite on the thermal conductivity and energy storage properties of ternary eutectic fatty acid-based composite as phase change material

Energy is the greatest challenge facing the environment. Energy efficiency can be improved by energy storage by management of distribution networks, thereby reducing cost and improving energy usage efficiency

Eanest B. Jebasingh

Renewables: Wind, Water, and Solar

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Carbon capture

Carbon capture

Editorial - Special issue on carbon capture in the context of carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS)

With global energy demand predicted to rise as the world population increases, there is a serious challenge to ensure energy security and also to reduce CO2 emissions. Atmospheric CO2levels will reach about...

Meihong Wang, Eni Oko

International Journal of Coal Science & Technology

Current status and future development of solvent-based carbon capture

Solvent-based carbon capture is the most commercially-ready technology for economically and sustainably reaching carbon emission reduction targets in the power sector. Globally, the technology has been...

Eni Oko, Meihong Wang, Atuman S. Joel 

International Journal of Coal Science & Technology

Post-synthesis modification of porous organic polymers with amine: a task-specific microenvironment for CO2capture

A porous organic polymer named FC-POP was facilely synthesized with extraordinary porosity and excellent stability. Further covalent incorporation of various amines including single amine group, multi-amine group...

Yankai Li, Li Yang, Xiang Zhu, Jun Hu, Honglai Liu

International Journal of Coal Science & Technology

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Interview with the Editors of Energy, Sustainability and Society

New Content Item

Energy, Sustainability and Society now has a new Editor-in-Chief; in January 2017, Daniela Thrän succeeded Michael Narodoslawsky. We took this opportunity to talk with the old and new Editor-in-Chief, as well as the journal’s Managing Editor, Dagmar Fiedler. 

Energy, Sustainability and Society provides important statements for the energy transition, ongoing in many countries in the world

We think that the core idea of open access is also the basis of the journal's great advantage

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