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2018 Open access highlights in Engineering

Looking back at the past year to inspire the future

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Engineering open access highlights 

We're taking a look back and to reflect on some of the most popular Engineering research in 2018, to inspire us as we begin the new year. 

We invited Angelina Wagner from our editorial team, to share her experience from the Engineering programme. 

Read and share our key articles and journals - our research is fully open access, and are freely available online on a permanent basis to a wide global audience. 

The year in review... an Editorial perspective

Throughout 2018, Engineering research continued to shape new Angelina Wagnertechnologies and advance innovations, particularly in areas like sustainability, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and many others.

Our Engineering portfolio had some exciting highlights in 2018 as well: 

European Transport Research Review published two well-received Special Issues on Smart cities and transport infrastructures (blog here) and the Role of planning towards sustainable urban mobility (blog here). The journal also served as media partner of the important transport conference TRA 2018—this year’s topic: A digital era for transport – solutions for society, economy and environment— and will begin publishing highlights of the conference as selected by the conference’s Programme Committee soon.

Artificial Intelligence is increasingly becoming an applied technology. This year we launched AI Perspectives, a new multidisciplinary open access journal. It puts a special focus on revealing how applied and basic research influence each other, and how application can trigger new questions for basic research. It reports on innovative applications of artificial intelligence in order to aid the rapid transfer of new technologies and AI methods from a research to a real-world application setting. The scope is non-limiting, covering the application of AI in industry, healthcare, transport, education, business, and economics, and across the social sciences and humanities. In addition, this journal will focus on integrated AI, outline issues that arise for ethical responsibility through artificial intelligence in the digital age, and discuss how to address these challenges on a theoretical side.

Today, smart grids, smart homes, smart water networks, and intelligent transport are infrastructure systems that connect our world more than we ever thought possible. The Special Issue on Research and Challenges of Wireless Networks in Internet of Things from the EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking shows that the common vision of such systems is usually associated with one single concept: the Internet of Things (IoT). A Special Issue in the EURASIP Journal on Image and Video Processing, focused on Applications of Visual Analysis of Human Behaviour, and is intended to encourage development of innovative theoretical and/or application-based solutions.

We also hosted a well-attended author workshop at EUSIPCO 2018 in Rome, Italy which was aimed at academic staff, researchers, and postgraduate students interested in publishing. The session was led by a panel of Editors-in-Chief from EURASIP journals. This panel included discussions of manuscript structure, efficient publication strategy, successful journal submission, and publication ethics and ended with a Q&A session.

Clean energy systems and photovoltaic power generation continues to be a growing field in Engineering. Studies published in Protection and Control of Modern Power Systems highlighted photovoltaic power systems, wind power prediction, and energy management systems.

Achievements in the areas of modern power systems and clean energy by international researchers and engineers are evident in Journal of Modern Power Systems and Clean Energy, which included Special Issues on Forecasting in Modern Power Systems and Cyber Physical Power Systems. Also, we saw top downloaded articles on frequency response of wind power plants, human factors on power systems, and power generation systems.

We thank you for your time, effort, commitment, and contributions to Springer Nature. We look forward to working with you again in 2019!


Angelina Wagner is the Journal Development Manager for SpringerOpen/BMC Engineering open access journals.

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