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Our open access Journals in Robotics & Computational Intelligence range from Complex Systems, Visual Media to Applications, Experiments and Technologies in Robotics to name a few. Publishing with SpringerOpen makes your work freely available online for everyone, immediately upon publication, and our high-level peer-review and production processes guarantee the quality and reliability of the work.

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ROBOMECH Journal​​​​​​​

The journal focuses on advanced technologies and practical applications in the field of robotics and mechatronics.

Robotics and Biomimetics

The journal publishes original theoretical and experimental works in robotics and biomimetics.

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Article Collections - Hot Topics in Robotics

New Content ItemDesign of a three-segment continuum robot for minimally invasive surgery

Continuum robot, as known as snake-like robot, usually does not include rigid links and has the ability to reach into a confined space by shaping itself into smooth curves. This paper presents the design of a three-segment

Bo Ouyang, Yunhui Liu and Dong Sun

Robotics and Biomimetics

New Content Item Optimization and preoperative adjustment design of remote center motion mechanism for minimally invasive surgical robot

In this paper, a new remote center motion (RCM) mechanism called triangle is proposed; this mechanism is simple and with high stiffness. A complete kinematic analysis and optimization algorithm implying AHP wh...

Guojun Niu, Bo Pan, Yili Fu and Shuguo Wang 

Robotics and Biomimetics

New Content ItemAn image processing method for changing endoscope direction based on pupil movement

Increased attention has been focused on laparoscopic surgery because of its minimal invasiveness and improved ... cosmetic properties. However, the procedure of laparoscopic surgery is considerably difficult for ...

Yang Cao, Satoshi Miura, Quanquan Liu, Yo Kobayashi, Kazuya Kawamura, Shigeki Sugano and Masakatsu G. Fujie


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New Content ItemMusculoskeletal lower-limb robot driven by multifilament muscles

This paper presents a redundant musculoskeletal robot using thin McKibben muscles that is based on human anatomy. The purpose of this robot is to achieve motions and characteristics that are very similar to a ...

Shunichi Kurumaya, Koichi Suzumori, Hiroyuki Nabae and Shuichi Wakimoto


New Content ItemAn optimal jerk-stiffness controller for gait pattern generation in rough terrain

In this paper, an optimal jerk stiffness controller is proposed to produce stable gait pattern generation for bipedal robots in rough terrain. The optimal jerk controller is different from the point-to-point a...

Amira Aloulou and Olfa Boubaker


New Content Item Realization and swimming performance of the breaststroke by a swimming humanoid robot

In order to clarify the mechanics of human swimming, a full-body swimming humanoid robot called “SWUMANOID” was developed as an experimental platform for research about human swimming. SWUMANOID had a detailed...

Motomu Nakashima and Kosuke Kuwahara


New Content Item Single-step collision-free trajectory planning of biped climbing robots in spatial trusses

For a biped climbing robot with dual grippers to climb poles, trusses or trees, feasible collision-free climbing motion is inevitable and essential. In this paper, we utilize the sampling-based algorithm, Bi-R...

Haifei Zhu, Yisheng Guan, Shengjun Chen, Manjia Su and Hong Zhang

Robotics and Biomimetics

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New Content ItemDesign of a high-mobility multi-terrain robot based on eccentric paddle mechanism

Gaining high mobility on versatile terrains is a crucial target for designing a mobile robot toward tasks such as search and rescue, scientific exploration, and environment monitoring. Inspired by dextrous lim...

Yi Sun, Yang Yang, Shugen Ma and Huayan Pu

Robotics and Biomimetics

New Content ItemAssessment of a tracked vehicle’s ability to traverse stairs

In some surveillance missions in the aftermath of disasters, the use of a teleoperated tracked vehicle contributes to the safety of rescue crews. However, because of its insufficient traversal capability, the...

Daisuke Endo and Keiji Nagatani 


New Content Item Mobile robotic cart development to support home oxygen therapy patients: Study on handling interface for mobile robotic cart similar to wheeled walker

We propose a motion control interface system for a mobile robotic cart to support Home Oxygen Therapy (HOT) patients when they go out. Our goal is to realize a mobile robotic cart similar to a wheeled walker t...

Masatsugu Iribe, Naoto Maeta, Gen Endo, Toshio Takubo, Mineko Ohira and Tetsuya Kinugasa

ROBOMECH Journal ​​​​​​​

New Content ItemMobile robots exploration through cnn-based reinforcement learning


Exploration in an unknown environment is an elemental application for mobile robots. In this paper, we outlined a reinforcement learning method aiming for solving the exploration problem in a corridor environ...

Lei Tai and Ming Liu

Robotics and Biomimetics

New Content Item“Leg-grope walk”: strategy for walking on fragile irregular slopes as a quadruped robot by force distribution

Problems can often occur when a legged robot attempts to walk on irregular or damaged terrain, such as in search and rescue missions during natural and man-made...

Yuichi Ambe and Fumitoshi Matsuno


New Content ItemPassivity-based control of an omnidirectional mobile robot

This paper studies passivity-based trajectory tracking control of an omnidirectional mobile robot. The proposed control design is simple to be implemented in practice, because of an effective exploitation of the...

Chao Ren, Yi Sun and Shugen Ma

Robotics and Biomimetics

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New Content ItemDevelopment of a rotational meshing actuator for in-home life support systems

For elderly and physically disabled people, support systems that assist their active daily life are as important as appropriate rehabilitation. We have designed a rotational meshing actuator for a life support...

Mai Endo, Mitsuru Endo and Takao Kakizaki


New Content ItemHuman-assisted sound event recognition for home service robots

This paper proposes and implements an open framework of active auditory learning for a home service robot to serve the elderly living alone at home. The framework was developed to realize the various auditory...

Ha Manh Do, Weihua Sheng and Meiqin Liu

Robotics and Biomimetics

New Content ItemService robot planning via solving constraint satisfaction problem

The problem of demographic shifts towards the elderly is deteriorating, as the relative number of caregivers is insufficient to provide the support required for their wellbeing, which is further aggravated by the...

Noel Nuo Wi Tay, Azhar Aulia Saputra, János Botzheim and Naoyuki Kubota


New Content Item Approach function study for concierge-type robot by model-based development with user model for human-centred design

Service robots are common sights in everyday life. The service robots are expected to provide useful services with a high degree of usability, and a high degree of user experience (UX) to users and other persons...

Yoshinobu Akimoto, Eri Sato-Shimokawara, Yasunari Fujimoto and Toru Yamaguchi


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