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Our open access Journals in Transportation cover all modes of transport including freight transport and logistics, urban rail, transportation policy and transportation systems to name a few. Publishing with SpringerOpen makes your work freely available online for everyone, immediately upon publication, and our high-level peer-review and production processes guarantee the quality and reliability of the work.

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Transportation and the Environment

Transportation and the Environment - SpringerOpen

A generic discrete choice model of automobile purchase

The introduction of novel fuel and propulsion technologies, such as battery, (plug-in) hybrid and fuel cell electric vehicles, and the need to combat the exhaust emission of local and global pollutants from...

Vegard Østli, Lasse Fridstrøm, Kjell Werner Johansen, Yin-Yen Tseng

European Transport Research Review

Evaluating the impacts of using cargo cycles on urban logistics: integrating traffic, environmental and operational boundaries

European Commission has promoted actions and policies with the aim of reducing the negative impacts on traffic and environment caused by city logistics. One increasingly popular measure is the use of cargo bike...

Sandra Melo, Patrícia Baptista

European Transport Research Review 

Review of recent progress in studies on noise emanating from rail transit bridges

In recent years, there has been rapid growth of Chinese rail transit networks. Many of these networks require elevated bridges. This results in a bridge-borne noise source, which occurs in addition to the main...

Xiaozhen Li, Dewang Yang, Guiyuan Chen, Yadong Li, Xun Zhang

Journal of Modern Transportation

Target detection distances under different road lighting intensities

Target detection distances under different road lighting intensities and car headlights were studied with and without glare from an oncoming car. Dimmable high-pressure sodium lamps ...

Sanaz Bozorg Chenani, Matti T. Vaaja, Matti Kurkela, Iisakki Kosonen, Tapio Luttinen

European Transport Research Review

Analyzing the moderating effects of respondent type and experience on the fuel efficiency improvement in air transport using structural equation modeling

The limited nature of oil, and hence aviation fuel is increasingly becoming a restraining factor for the air transport industry. Also, fuel efficiency is crucial for commercial air transport as fuel is one of ...

Vedant Singh, Somesh K. Sharma

European Transport Research Review

Highway Vehicle Emissions Avoided by Diesel Passenger Rail Service Based on Real-World Data

Avoided emissions attributable to the reduction in personal automobile trips for passenger rail riders are quantified based on real-world measurements. The North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT)...

Brandon M. Graver, H. Christopher Frey

Urban Rail Transit

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Traffic and Transport Safety

Traffic and Transport Safety - SpringerOpen

Impacts of cell phone use on driving safety and drivers’ perception of risk

In this study, the factors influencing phone-related driving safety and drivers’ perceptions of cell phone usage were analyzed. A representative sample of more than 500 licensed drivers in Texas who own a cell...

Dazhi Sun, Anxi Jia

Journal of Modern Transportation 

From the analysis of European accident data to safety assessment for planning: the role of good vehicles in urban area

Within the field of goods vehicles mobility, the paper points out the road safety that has impacts on both social and economic sustainability spheres. The contribution of goods vehicles is investigated and the...

Francesco Russo, Antonio Comi

European Transport Research Review

A data mining approach to characterize road accident locations

Data mining has been proven as a reliable technique to analyze road accidents and provide productive results. Most of the road accident data analysis use data mining techniques, focusing on identifying factors...

Sachin Kumar, Durga Toshniwal

Journal of Modern Transportation

The severity of driver fatigue in terms of line crossing: a pilot study comparing day- and night time driving in simulator

The overall aim of this study is to compare day-time driving with night-time driving looking at line crossings during self-reported sleepiness and long blinks. The hypothesis is that high levels of self-report...

Anna Anund, Carina Fors, Christer Ahlstrom

European Transport Research Review

Key factors contributing to crash severity at highway-rail grade crossings

The purpose of this paper is to develop and compare the preferred multinomial logit (MNL) and ordered logit (ORL) model in identifying factors that are important in making an injury severity difference and...

Wei Fan, Linfeng Gong, Edward Matt Washing, Miao Yu, Elias Haile

Journal of Modern Transportation

Attitudes among older drivers towards medical assessment at renewal of driving license in Sweden

The aim was to examine attitudes among older adults in Sweden as regards a possible legislation for medical assessment at license renewal depending on their health status (vision and hearing) and gender...

Birgitta Thorslund, Niklas Strand, Tania Dukic Willstrand

European Transport Research Review

Safety evaluation for railway vehicles using an improved indirect measurement method of wheel–rail forces

The wheel–rail force measurement is of great importance to the condition monitoring and safety evaluationof railway vehicles. In this paper, an improved indirect method for wheel–rail force measurement is...

Jing Zeng, Lai Wei, Pingbo Wu

Journal of Modern Transportation

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Transport Policy and Planning

Transport Policy and Planning - SpringerOpen

Topical collection on accessibility and policy making

Modern societies face important transport related challenges that menace their economic performance and quality of life. Among these challenges, congestion is a major problem... 

European Transport Research Review

A multi-modal network approach to model public transport accessibility impacts of bicycle-train integration policies

In the Netherlands, the bicycle plays an important in station access and, to a lesser extent, in station egress. There is however fairly little knowledge in the potential effects of bicycle-train integration...

Karst T. Geurs, Lissy La Paix, Sander Van Weperen

European Transport Research Review 

A modern congestion pricing policy for urban traffic: subsidy plus toll

Congestion pricing is seen as an effective policy to address traffic congestion. In such policies where money, people and authorities are involved ... as a pilot study. We then discuss policy-related applications...

Saeed Asadi Bagloee, Majid Sarvi

Journal of Modern Transportation

Transport policy planning in Germany - An analysis of political programs and investment masterplans

In Germany, the most recent comprehensive transport policy program of the federal government was published in the year 2000, followed by several sector specific programs. Aims, strategies, and priorities ...

Frank Fichert

European Transport Research Review 

Appropriate national policy frameworks for sustainable urban mobility plans

This paper develops recommendations which would enable national governments to support individual cities in their development of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans. It draws on the work of an Advisory Group of...

Anthony May, Susanne Boehler-Baedeker, Laura Delgado, Thomas Durlin, Mircea Enache, Jan-Willem van der Pas

European Transport Research Review

Complex railway systems: capacity and utilisation of interconnected networks

Worldwide the transport sector faces several issues related to the rising of traffic demand such as congestion, energy consumption, noise, pollution, safety, etc. Trying to stem the problem, the European Commission is encouraging a modal shift...

Rotoli Francesco, Malavasi Gabriele, Ricci Stefano

European Transport Research Review

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Mobility and Transport Behavior

Mobility and Transport Behavior - SpringerOpen

Intensive travel time: an obligation or a choice?

This paper explores what prompts some individuals to spend a significant amount of time travelling. In the literature, travel time tends to be regarded as useless, unproductive time and, in some cases, as the...

Iragaël Joly, Stéphanie Vincent-Geslin

European Transport Research Review

Driver behaviour and driver experience of partial and fully automated truck platooning – a simulator study

This paper builds our knowledge of truck driver behaviour in and experience of automated truck platooning, focusing on the effect of partially and fully automated truck platoons on driver workload, trust,...

Magnus Hjälmdahl, Stas Krupenia, Birgitta Thorslund

European Transport Research Review 

Effectiveness of two cognitive training programs on the performance of older drivers with a cognitive self-assessment bias

Depending on the calibration of their cognitive abilities, some older drivers (ODs) might stop driving prematurely (under-estimators, UEs) and others could expose themselves to risky situations (over-...

Marion Hay, Nicolas Adam, Marie-Laure Bocca, Catherine Gabaude

European Transport Research Review 

The study design of UDRIVE: the naturalistic driving study across Europe for cars, trucks and scooters

UDRIVE is the first large-scale European Naturalistic Driving Study on cars, trucks and powered two-wheelers. The acronym stands for “European naturalistic Driving and Riding for Infrastructure & Vehicle safetey...

Yvonne Barnard, Fabian Utesch, Nicole van Nes, Rob Eenink, Martin Baumann

European Transport Research Review 

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Urban Rail Transit

Urban Rail Transit - SpringerOpen

Urban Rail Transit in China: Progress Report and Analysis (2008–2015)

The rapid and large-scale construction of urban rail transit in China in recent years has drawn worldwide attention. The progress report and analysis would be a good reference for regional urban transit ...

Kai LU, Baoming HAN, Fang LU, Zijia WANG

Urban Rail Transit 

Integrating Land Use and Socioeconomic Factors into Scenario-Based Travel Demand and Carbon Emission Impact Study

Integration of land use and transportation planning with current and future spatial distributions of population and employment is a challenge but critical to sustainable planning outcomes. The challenge is...

Heng Wei, Ting Zuo, Hao Liu, Y. Jeffrey Yang

Urban Rail Transit 

Industrial frequency single-phase AC traction power supply system for urban rail transit and its key technologies

To avoid stray current and maintain the benefit of no phase-split in the DC traction power supply system, an AC traction power supply system was proposed for the urban public transport such as metro and light...

Qunzhan Li

Journal of Modern Transportation

Survey on Driverless Train Operation for Urban Rail Transit Systems

The length of metro lines with driverless train operation (DTO) systems is increasing globally and is predicted to triple in the next 10 years. This paper gives the history and future trend of the DTO systems....

Yihui Wang, Miao Zhang, Jiaqi Ma, Xuesong Zhou

Urban Rail Transit 

Challenges and Innovative Solutions in Urban Rail Transit Network Operations and Management: China’s Guangzhou Metro Experience

Urban rail transit operations have changed from a single line to a multiline network. The network operations have undergone quantitative and qualitative changes, and operations management is facing rapid...

Lin He, Qiangsheng Liang, Siyuan Fang

Urban Rail Transit

Comparative study of China and USA public private partnerships in public transportation

As an effective alternative approach to provide goods and services for public infrastructure, the Public Private Partnership (PPP) has been studied extensively over the past few decades. On a global scale,...

Zhijie Dong, Meicheng Wang, Xianfeng Yang

Journal of Modern Transportation

Rail Transportation Lead Urban Form Change: A Case Study of Beijing

In the background of rapid urban metro transit construction in China, rail transportation becomes an important factor in shaping urban form. This case study focuses on the urban form changes caused by urban...

Chun Zhang, Haishan Xia, Yan Song

Urban Rail Transit 

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Intelligent Transportation Systems

Intelligent Transportation System and Information Technology - SpringerOpen

A multi-user decision support system for online city bus tour planning

Tourism is rapidly becoming a sustainable pathway toward economic prosperity for host countries and communities. Recent advances in information and communications technology, the smartphone, the Internet and...

Saeed Asadi Bagloee, Madjid Tavana, Debora Di Caprio, Mohsen Asadi, Mitra Heshmati 

Journal of Modern Transportation  

Safety, mobility and comfort assessment methodologies of intelligent transport systems for vulnerable road users

This paper describes the modification and development of methodologies to assess the impacts of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) applications for Vulnerable Road users...

Kerry Malone, Anne Silla, Charlotta Johanssen, Daniel Bell

European Transport Research Review

Developing architecture of a traveler information system for dynamic equilibrium in traffic networks

Having criticized the current architecture of Advanced Traveler Information Systems (ATISs), this work discusses a new base of requirements to develop a new paradigm for traffic information systems. It mainly...

Mohammad Hossein Noranian, Ahmad Reza Tahsiri

Journal of Modern Transportation

Bluetooth as a traffic sensor for stream travel time estimation under Bogazici Bosporus conditions in Turkey

Travel time estimation is an integral part of Intelligent Transportation Systems, and has been an important component in traffic management and operations for many years. Travel time, being spatial in nature,...

İlker Erkan, Hasan Hastemoglu

Journal of Modern Transportation

Autonomous vehicles: challenges, opportunities, and future implications for transportation policies

This study investigates the challenges and opportunities pertaining to transportation policies that may arise as a result of emerging autonomous vehicle (AV) technologies. AV technologies can decrease the...

Saeed Asadi Bagloee, Madjid Tavana, Mohsen Asadi, Tracey Oliver

Journal of Modern Transportation ​​​​​​​

Planning a road weather information system with GIS

The road weather information system (RWIS), which collects and monitors weather and pavement surface conditions, has been proven effective to support winter road maintenance by improving safety, mobility, and...

Liuhui Zhao, Steven I. Chien, Xiaobo Liu, Weisong Liu 

Journal of Modern Transportation

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