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2018 Open access highlights in Social Sciences

Looking back at the past year to inspire the future

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Social Sciences & Education open access highlights 

We're taking a look back and to reflect on some of the most popular education & social sciences research, to inspire us as we begin the new year. 

We invite Roberto Garbero and Marius Jung from our editorial team, to share their experiences in the education & social sciences programme. 

Read and share our key articles and journals - our research is fully open access, and are freely available online on a permanent basis to a wide global audience. 

The year in review.. an editorial perspective

On Social Sciences in the past year:

Public debates are constantly animated by hot topics that are fully embraced Roberto Garberoby exciting social science research: migration and refugees, the future of EU, climate change and public perception of environmental challenges, cybercrime and security, bioethics and synthetic biology, and public understanding of science. 

There’s a lot that social science can contribute to reach a better understanding of complex social changes and inform long-sighted policymaking. Read more to learn the best highlights in 2018 from our fully open access portfolio of journals in sociology and social science research!

Migration and refugees

Migration and the refugee crisis never stops fuelling debates in our society, and the implications of such an important phenomenon involve several disciplines, such as economics and labour market research, anthropology, public health, and demography. The complexity of the topic clearly calls for more data, more research, and a diversity of perspectives.

Crime control and cybercrime

The 2018 Stockholm Prize in Criminology, the 'Nobel Prize' for criminologists, was awarded to Professor Herman Goldstein. The Crime Science journal had the honor to publish the edited versions of both the lecture given by Professor Goldstein and the 2018 Jerry Lee lecture, given by Professor Malcolm Sparrow. Both accounts fit neatly together to set an agenda for problem-oriented policing as a relevant and effective tool in modern crime prevention. Read more also in this blog post.

Furthermore, exciting article collections were published:

Crime Science has also started to be published under the BMC brand.

Never stop thinking about tomorrow: futures research

The European Journal of Futures Research, in addition to being assigned its first Impact Factor in 2018, published exciting accounts on how to study future scenarios and predict trends in increasingly complex societies. A full article collection is dedicated to the Futures of a complex world.

Read also For an inclusive innovation. Healing the fracture between the human and the technological in the hypercomplex society

Social science journals join the BMC family

Some titles joined the BMC family of journals in 2018: Life Sciences, Society and PolicyInternational Journal for Educational Integrity and Health & Justice

And new ones has just launched and will publish soon – watch this space!

Roberto Garbero is the Senior Journal Development Editor for SpringerOpen/BMC Social Sciences open access journals.

On Education in the past year:

Throughout the year 2018, Marius-Jungwe experienced a steady growth in the SpringerOpen Education portfolio with a lot of interesting and interdisciplinary-oriented developments worldwide. 

Focusing on the US for example, the field of STEM Education continues to grow continuously. The field covers research topics such as socioeconomic gaps in reading and math achievement as well as developing numeracy skills using interactive technology in a play-based learning environment.  Other innovative concepts of teaching do not only include topics such as how to instruct teacher candidates with evolution and the nature of science but also which cognitive skills and personality traits are crucial in vocational education and the role of parental cognitive involvement for literacy and involvement.

Looking back at  a great year of research progress, we are certain that the next year will be even more promising as we are going to launch a new Journal called ‘Innovation and Education’ that will address some of the above-mentioned topics in an interdisciplinary focused manner that focus on digital and brain-based learning and teaching.

STEM Education:

Large-Scale Studies in Education

Evolution and Education:

Vocational Education:

Innovations and psychological aspects of Education:


Marius Jung is the Journal Development Editor for SpringerOpen/BMC Education open access journals.

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